Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bukit Mertajam's Rojak (Bukit Kecil)

Many ppl tot BM's famous rojak is from the pekan , but according to KW , this stall of rojak is even better than the 1 in pekan...and its very special in terms of the venue where the stall is and the materials to cope with the rojak sauce , they use fish cakes and some cucuk udang instead......however , fresh fruits are also available ....ppl in BM tend to choose those fried food as their main option , my parents opposed that , they prefer fresh food , so i guess its a personal choice....anyway , this is how the stall looks like :

This is how they sell the rojak , its in 'satay-form' or rather 'lok-lok-form'.....u can choose to enjoy ur rojak there by standing there and dip ur choice of rojak into the sauce...but taking hygiene in account , we prefer to take away instead pay attention at those fried food on the left hand side.....those are the specialties of the stall which we cant find any in penang....and they are generous in giving the rojak sauce.....until they fill up the whole container >.<.....taste was pretty decent though....also , the price for each stick of rojak is rm0.50 which i find it very economical

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