Sunday, November 1, 2009

Juru Curry Fish Head @ Juru

Went BM today ,should i call it a 'BM 1-day-tour ?' is part first stop is juru's famous curry fish head , no idea wats the name of the coffee shop , they simply called it juru curry fish head....there are other stalls as well but ppl tend to eat the curry fish head only , here are some photos about the curry ....

Pictures werent that much as the only food on our table was this curry fish head ....serve with white rice , there were also toufu , squids , gigantic size of prawns , lady's fingers , onions etc inside the curry......taste was damn good....and they werent greedy in giving the curry head was fresh and same goes to other seafood as well....

Its hard to find this place , some where behind auto city i think.....u have to go through those factories road etc......was kinda cheap , such a gigantic fish head just costs us rm69 !!! and with 3 big squids and prawns......XD

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