Monday, November 2, 2009

Azuma Restaurant @ Queensbay Mall

Had lunch with mom as usual.....went Azuma since they kinda 'hard-sell' the restaurant everywhere......and im sort of running out of ideas for my food post XD.....finally this day has arrived.....anyway , these are some orders :

Just simply snatch some sushi from the Kaiser belt XD b4 the main course to arrive.....taste was pretty decent , better than sushi king's i would say....and they were kinda exp , white plate-rm2 ,blue plate-rm5 , and the greenish plate-rm4 @.@ , here goes my rm13 as i ordered 2 white plates thingy.....and for the pic below , the Kaiser belt is just behind the counter and their interior decoration is just simply amazing , too bad they are not edible

My mom's unagi set (rm28) , their unagi is kinda dry , we prefer the moist version....=P...taste was pretty decent , miso soup was impressive....everything is just fine except for the price T.T

My chicken teriyaki set (Rm18)......taste was very 'chicky' special , just some fried chicken served with some sort of sweet and sour sauce....and the steamed egg is really smooth and aromatic....1 of the best ever =)......

Why would i mention about their drinks ? Coz they are free-flowed for rm1 and u can drink for like 2 hours XD.....aunties action bill totalled up rm67+ inclusive of govt tax and service charge.......which its DAMN EXP just for some ordinary bento.....

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