Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Island Park coffee shop @ Island park, greenlane.

We went to this coffee shop for dinner just now....its actually just opposite my secondary school...i heard that they renovate it and it actually reopen few days ago , so we decided to have a look.....it was damn crowded , the place was packed with cars and i can barely drive through.....the choices of food had increased as well.....here are some of our orders :

This is another best wan ton mee in town.....comes with a big portion and their sambal is just superb =)....rating 9/10 for a wan ton mee....XD...i used to eat this whenever i had school activities on saturday morning

Hong Tu mee , the soup was kinda like those starchy 1 in shark fin's soup....works well with some vinegar on it.....if u are a shark fin's soup lover , then u will like this 1 as well

Sambal fried rice......very nice but the price was a bit expensive(rm4)....maybe for the shrimps....serving portion was quite big as well....u can taste a very strong flavour of sambal when u chew it in ur mouth......don try this if u don adores spicy food...><

Just shoot from outside as its too crowded inside....anyway , if u are/were a chung hwa student , u should know how much this coffee shop has changed...=D , anyway , they have hokkien mee , char kuey teow , mee goreng , chee cheong fun , roti canai , chu char etc but with limited sits....do go there early(b4 7pm) if u wanna have ur dinner there just to avoid congestion


  1. EH this one i used to go eh for the hong tu mee... add lots n lots of vinegar nice to eat =)

  2. thats bcoz u like to 'hap chou' in cantonese....XD