Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Laksa @ balik pulau

Its been a while since my last visit to balik pulau....so i decided to go for their laksa and can shoot some photo there as well =D.....and if u are/were a penangite , im sure that u had tried this b4:

Their lemak laksa....so fragrant.....one thing special about their laksa is the noodle they used....so spongy....a very small portion though...but we actually ate our lunch so this is enough for us =D

Assam laksa.....quite nice but its not actually worth going there for this assam laksa as there is 1 in air itam quite similar to this as well....personally i would prefer their lemak laksa.....its a must try when u pay ur visit to balik pulau

There is a hokkien mee beside the laksa stall...so i ordered a bowl and giv it a try XD....and the taste was surprisingly good......but the serving portion was really DAMN small....i can finish it in 1 minute... :S

I donno why but my parents always order this kind of drink whenever we visit there...its the ambra plum juice....taste a bit sweet and sour....but i think u can find this in those coffee shop or hawker center everywhere...

Was damn crowded just now...tourists rushed there for the famous laksa :S ended up we have difficult in finding a place to sit....anyway.....i can do anything for food muahahaha , btw , there is another stall opposite of this 1 as well...but i heard that this 1 is the original balik pulau laksa.

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