Thursday, September 24, 2009

Canton-i @ queensbay mall

Had lunch with my secondary school teacher , ms chang just now , since she intro a job to me , i need to treat her a sumptuous lunch right =D , so i decided to bring her to this restaurant , quite similarly to dragon-i , canton-i serves hong-kong food , they are under a same organization for ur info(dragon-i and canton-i) there were only 2 of us , so we just ordered a few to try on :

Their famous 'har kau wan ton mee' , the noodles were damn chewy the the prawn dumplings were damn fresh ......the soup was rather sweet as well.....everything is perfect except the price.....its around rm11.90 for their soup-version of wan ton mee( they have dried version as well).....its a bit expensive for wan ton mee at rm12 :S , serving for 1 person is ok , i don think thats enough if u were to share with ur frens....

' Leng yu kau congee' , 'leng yu' is a kind of fish where cantonese always used it to make fishballs....they used ' chan pei'(cantonese) , or 'chen pi' (skin of mandarin oranges) as a kind of ingredient in making these normally ppl used it in making red bean soup....the aromatic of 'chen pi' do helps a lot....but some of u might ignore that smell....its a more personal taste i would say.....the congee was damn smooth...i heard that they used 3 kinds of rice to cook this congee....quite special ei...

Prawn cheong fun.....normal cheong fun which made from rice paste(steamed)...stuff with tons of fresh prawns , they were so crunchy and the sauce was PERFECT , this is the best hong kong chee cheong fun i had b4....price was rm10.90 though

Canton-i layer cake.....nothing special just that i smell coconut milk and salted-eggyolks....this is a dessert by the way

'Pu er cha' aka ' po lei' in flow but rm5 per pax.....i can buy 1 tin if i go for 4 times....=(

Had a lot of chit-chatting with her, we sat there for almost 2 hours , thanks again for introducing me a job , ms chang !!!


  1. English correction: It's dessert not desert!
    Y go so exp place to eat hong kong chee cheong fun???

  2. ok lor ur recommendation would be ?

  3. hmmm...
    hw old is she?
    still teaching?
    so short...
    can she see this?!

  4. duh....not going to giv her personal details here