Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vogue For Virtue 2013 Charity Fashion Show @ Queensbay Mall, Penang.

As many of you might be aware of, Vogue For Virtue has been around for few years and this is the 5th year in running of the event. Vogue for Virtue is a Corporate Social Responsibility program by CapitaMalls Asia, where all the proceeds from registration fees and ticketing will be channeled to some of the charitable organizations. This year, the year of 2013, Vogue For Virtue was once again, being held successfully in center atrium of Queensbay Mall, Penang. It was my honor to be invited to this event. The Fashion Show was divided in two parts on Saturday (27th of April, 2013), the Celebrity Charity Fashion Show was arranged to be at 7pm. Participating brands include Nichii, Kitschen, Dressing Paula, Forever 21, Esprit, G2000, Springfield, French Connection and Uniqlo. Models were there to demonstrate and showing off the meticulously-designed latest collections from all these participating brands (spring/summer 2013). Photos with better resolutions can be found on my Facebook Page.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blooms Restaurant @ The One Terrace Plus, Bayan Baru, Penang.

Since my office is at Bayan Baru area, this entire area has been my “usual place” during lunch hour, many new restaurants are mushrooming and Blooms is being one of them. The word hanging outside of the restaurant caught my attention, it says “offering fine dining at affordable prices” where they are having this lunch promotion from Rm 8.30. Diners can choose their own desired main course from the menu and simply top up Rm 1 for a cup of Honey Green Tea or Peach Tea or Kam Quet Tea. It should be easy to locate the place if you are familiar with this new place- The One which is strategically located at Bayan Baru, right beside PISA or opposite to D’ Piazza. There are limited tables in the restaurant and would require a short-wait during lunch hours. Parking has never been easy for this place but you may park your car right beside the road (not advisable as you might be caught for traffic summons). Service was okay and the foods were okay too (although there are rooms of improvements) during my visit but do note that their serving portion will be a bit small but it should work fine for small eaters.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Water Drop TeaHouse (滴水坊) @ Lebuh Penang, Penang.

Hidden in one of the streets in Penang's Heritage area, Water Drop TeaHouse (滴水坊) is a place shall not be missed by Vegetarians. Walking into the place calms one's senses as the front area is filled with Buddhist-religious books, as well as some inspirational quotations, educating the public about lives and how the way they ought to act. Apart from the vegetarian dishes, Water Drop TeaHouse offers some delicate coffees. Their menu changes daily but no worries, some of their best-selling items are made available throughout the week. The servicing speed was slow during my visit due to lack of manpower and diners will be asked to have their orders ordered at the counter by themselves. Price-wise, was definitely very affordable and economical but the parking could be a big issue as the area around Penang Street is known to be very limited in terms of parking. As far as the taste and price are concerned, I would strongly recommend my readers to try this place out.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

i-Steamboat CIty 壹鍋豐 @ Lorong Selamat, Penang.

Operating in the bustling street of Lorong Selamat Penang, i-steamboat city is a new eatery set up not long ago which situated right opposite the famous Red Hat Char Koay Teow. As the name suggested, it offers steamboat, be it buffet style or ala carte. Ambiance-wise, the place is air-conditioned and they are using the induction cooker for the steamboat. There could be some improvements needed for their service due to a lack of man power. Overall, I find it a good place for gathering but it was just okay in terms of value in return. If you are a steamboat lover, try it out and let me know in the comments!

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang.

The trend of savoring Frozen Yogurt is fading faster than I thought unfortunately, youngsters were eagerly looking for Frozen Yogurt booths/kiosks everywhere after meal few months back in Penang but with all the fancy desserts mushrooming recently such as Tong Pak FuThe Twelve Cups and even some creative twist on Frozen Yogurt like D' Fahrenheit Yogurt are sharing the "pie" right now. Since I haven't had my Frozen Yogurt for quite some time, my friends and I have decided to grab some for ourselves. Happened to be in Gurney Paragon Mall, we had this refreshing dessert at Moo Cow, ground floor of Moo Cow (beside Pacific Coffee and Morganfield's). Unlike Tutti Fruitti, the prices here are pre-fixed instead of depending on the weight.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Irrawaddy Fine Foods @ Chow Thye Road, Penang.

Hidden in one of the small roads near Pulau Tikus/ Burmah Road, one can find a decent restaurant named Irrawaddy Fine Foods, said to be Penang's first New York style delicatessen but at the same time, offering some unique yet delectable dishes to the public. Bread lovers should particularly try to look for this place as they do bake and sell breads (Focaccia bread, French Baguette, Semolina Bread, Oregano Bread, Pretzel and even the rarely seen bread in Penang- Sourdough!) fresh on a daily basis (except Sunday). Apart from that, they do sell some imported goods such as jams, pickles and even their home made sausages (kindly refer to their website or contact them for more information). Another thing which surprised me was the price, everything seemed to be so economically priced, yet, the dishes come with a huge portion. Since the place has a very homely ambiance, I just know where I should head to if I were to look for a place to spend my lazy afternoon with my friends and family. I also like the fact that this place serves some really healthy but delicious foods and the service was very impressive. It should not be too hard to locate Irrawaddy Fine Foods, kindly turn into Chow Thye Road and you should be able to find this place (a stone throw distance from Harvest Inn and Isaribi Tei Japanese Restaurant).

Friday, April 5, 2013

Kurtos Spiroll @ Queensbay Mall, Penang.

If you have ever made an effort to walk until the very end of level 3, Queensbay Mall, you would have noticed this humble stall selling Kurtos at the newly created place in the mall- Queen Street.

 “Originally known as Kürtőskalács, Kurtos is a type of Hungarian snack/pastry which comes in a Chimney-shape. The pastry itself is sweet and often known as milk-loaf too.” –Quoted from Wikipedia.

In Kurtos Spiroll, there are quite a number of flavors which can be chosen, namely Cinnamon Sugar, Original Hungarian, Sesame Seeds, Nutella Chips etc… Most of them are priced reasonably. It was my first time savoring the similar pastry so I would not tell if the taste was authentic but a friend of mine whom just came back from Germany told me it was more or less the same. They will be a bit slow during weekends due to the high customer traffic but what you can expect is a hot, crispy and freshly baked pastry. Mind you… Kurtos is best served and savored while it’s still hot. Despite the fact that this pastry is unique here, but it was decent “bread” to me, no, not that it was horrible but rather, it tasted like original sweetened bread to me.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sandwhich @ I-Avenue, Penang.

I have been a fan of healthy sandwiches and I always hope that we could get something unique and good beside the boring Subway sandwiches (which I’m pretty bored of since I’ll be having Subway at least once in a week). If you are a person whom has more concern about the ingredients, you should probably read on and check out this place. Sandwhich had its grand opening a couple months back (19th of January 2013); what makes Sandwhich unique is that the use of nutritious premium grade ingredients such as Antibiotic Free Enzyme Chicken, Antibiotic Free Enzyme Pork, Fresh Tuna from Bali, Antibiotic Free Eggs as well as some freshly home-made Soy Milk/ Yogurt. Fellow bloggers were honored to be invited by the founder of Sandwhich- Mr. Fong, to sample some of their healthy and delicate sandwiches the other night. It should not be too tricky to locate this place, Sandwhich is strategically located at I-Avenue, Bukit Jambul, where the previous JPJ had their office set up there or a stone-throw away from Maybank, Hong Leong Bank, as well as Subway. The shop is also facing Perodua show room at Bukit Jambul. They are still having their opening promotion, grab this opportunity and try it out yourself!