Monday, April 1, 2013

Sandwhich @ I-Avenue, Penang.

I have been a fan of healthy sandwiches and I always hope that we could get something unique and good beside the boring Subway sandwiches (which I’m pretty bored of since I’ll be having Subway at least once in a week). If you are a person whom has more concern about the ingredients, you should probably read on and check out this place. Sandwhich had its grand opening a couple months back (19th of January 2013); what makes Sandwhich unique is that the use of nutritious premium grade ingredients such as Antibiotic Free Enzyme Chicken, Antibiotic Free Enzyme Pork, Fresh Tuna from Bali, Antibiotic Free Eggs as well as some freshly home-made Soy Milk/ Yogurt. Fellow bloggers were honored to be invited by the founder of Sandwhich- Mr. Fong, to sample some of their healthy and delicate sandwiches the other night. It should not be too tricky to locate this place, Sandwhich is strategically located at I-Avenue, Bukit Jambul, where the previous JPJ had their office set up there or a stone-throw away from Maybank, Hong Leong Bank, as well as Subway. The shop is also facing Perodua show room at Bukit Jambul. They are still having their opening promotion, grab this opportunity and try it out yourself!

Diners can choose one of their 4 types own baked breads to make it as a sandwich; the types of bread available are Ciabatta, Wholemeal Sandwich Loaf, Croissant and Wholemeal Bun. Sandwhich bakes their own bread to ensure freshness and fluffiness of the bread can be successfully maintained. Among all of the breads that I have tried, I would personally prefer the Whole meal bread due to its fluffiness and the chewy bite that I adore.

Similarly to Subway, diners are allowed to choose their preferred vegetables to go with their sandwiches.

Tuna Salad Croissant (Rm 11.90, promotional price of Rm 8.90 now) was a lovely sandwich. Their Croissant comes in a rather big portion and was stuffed with their home made Tuna filling. Sandwhich does not use canned Tuna but they steamed their own Tuna (imported from Bali) instead. I like the fact that their Croissant being fluffy and complimented well with the Tuna Mayo. It was interesting to learn that they actually stuffed quite a generous amount of fresh vegetables into their sandwiches making them extra savory and crunchy. However, some of the bloggers would prefer a more meaty-bite instead.


Their Ranch Egg Club (Rm 8.90, promotional price of Rm 5.90 now) comes with a slice of pan-fried omelette as well as a slice of cheese. This simple sandwich was palatable but it lacked of the bite. I would personally prefer the omelette to be slightly thicker for the extra eggy-bite.

One of the most unique and creative sandwiches I’ve ever seen was definitely this Fruity Slim Deluxe (Rm 9.90, promotional price of Rm 6.90 now). Yes, you have probably guessed it right; all the fillings were made of fruits and fresh vegetables. What impresses me further was the use of their home-made Mango flavored yogurt as the dressing sauce for the sandwich. Weight-watchers should literally hunt for this. I had the Fruity Slim Deluxe with Croissant which was good; the layers were Green Apple slices, Oranges, Canned Peaches, as well as the usual fresh vegetables. It feels so healthy and down to earth, a truly very rejuvenating and healthy comfort food for me.

I did not try their Prime Porker Ciabatta (Rm 12.90, promotional price of Rm 9.90 now) as I am not a fan of pork but I was then told by the bloggers that the Pork slices were decent, they have successfully maintained the juicy bite by having the pork slices immersed in their home secret sauce.

Chicken Fiesta Puff (Rm 11.90, promotional price of Rm 8.90 now) was one of my favorites; I just like the chewy bite and healthy concept behind the use of antibiotic-free chicken. One friend of mine find the sandwich a bit too dry to his liking but it was perfectly okay for me, I am not that kind of person where I will squeeze every single sauce available on my Subway sandwich, I like to keep it as simple as it could. Their Dijon Mustard is an item not to be missed too.

If you are a yogurt lover, be sure to check out their display fridge too. They have some awesome Yogurt drinks (Rm 4.50) and Yogurt (Rm 3.50) to offer. Both are available in 2 flavors, Mango and Black Cherry. The Mango Yogurt tasted way too sour to my liking while others seemed to be okay. On a side note, the Mango Yogurt Drink tasted pretty similar to the Indian Mango Lassi to me, surprisingly.

They have some very interesting yet healthy drinks available too, namely Honey Green Tea (Rm 2.80), Organic Soya Milk (Rm 3.50) and Green Tea Milk (Rm 4.90). I have personally sampled their Green Tea Milk and I must say I absolutely love it, highly recommended! I will definitely come back for this.

Mr. Fong and his wife were kind enough to serve us some very appetizing and refreshing Fruit Juice with Yogurt (Rm 5.90) too, which consisted of Green Apple, Orange, Canned Lychee, Lemon and Pineapple. Guess what, the girls love the drink. For more information on how their drinks can be healthy and beneficial to our bodies, kindly refer to their brochures which will be available at their Facebook page.

All the current promotions will be listed under the brochures attached. Kindly contact the management to confirm any on-going promotion. ** does not hold liable for any expired promotions/ outdated information. **

Group photos of the founder of Sandwhich with his friendly staff as well as the fellow bloggers whom attended the review that night. A big Thank You to Mr. Fong for the invitation.

Additional Information:
Address: 1-1-42, I-Avenue (Ideal Avenue), Medan Kampung Relau 1, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang. (between Hong Leong Bank and Maybank)
Business Hour: 8:00am to 9:30pm. (strictly take away only for orders after 9pm) Daily.
Contact Number: 604- 684 1963

I-avenue, 1-1-25 Medan Kampung Relau 1, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

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