Jenxdan Vegetarian Restaurant @ Chow Thye Road, Penang

Went to this vegetarian restaurant for lunch just now........we get to know this restaurant from a magazine(foodsion).....its located in Chow Thye Road....somewhere near Burma below are some of our orders :

All the above are included in a set lunch which cost around rm9.90 only......inclusive of 1 salad , 1 main course and desert(we were told that its actually fruits).....and the main course varies everyday.....the 1 we ordered was duck meat which comes with a rice.....the so called 'duck meat' was kinda spongy....and the sauce beside those duck meats are kinda sweet....but its still good enough for me =)

Pumpkin Soup(rm3.90)......comes with 2 slices of bread.....taste was pretty decent....coz i think they just added a little bit of heavy cream into it.....personally i would prefer those with more heavy cream in it =P

Organic Soya Milk(rm3.90)......taste like............soya special just a thicker taste of soya and no sugar added to this drink at all....its natural sweetness
Peppermint Tea(rm3.90)......just like the ordinary Boh Tea/Earl Grey but instead , this 1 has peppermint flavour in it

Tom Yum Spaghetti (rm7.90).......was kinda disappointed with the soup.....sour but the spiciness din really meet my expectation.....

So there wasnt any tax nor service charge.....price was rather cheap for an organic meal......would recommend vegetarian lover to pay a visit to this restaurant =)


  1. Ken,

    As one of the regular customer there, I would love to correct a few points here:

    Pumpkin soup: without cream at all as it is healthy blend.

    Peppermint tea: earl grey and boh never taste the same because earl grey is a perfumed tea.

    The sets dessert: Come to try ramdomly while you would be able to get chef's dessert.

    Taste: while don't expect a big flavour if you are dining in the healthy cafe.

    Great supporter,

  2. thx for ur comments and will take that seriously , hope u support my blog constantly ^^


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