Koay Teow Th'ng @ Aggryl road

This koay teow th'ng was qutie famous last time , b4 they moved to this coffee house , its been almost 2 years since my last visit to this koay teow th'ng stall , so for my blog's sake , i went there this morning =)......there is almost nothing in this coffee house but this koay teow th'ng....

Their dried version of koay teow th'ng , personally i prefer this version over the soup one as i don like hot stuff =(.....their sauce for this koay teow th'ng is a bit sweet but its quite good overall.....=D

Soup version......their soup was quite ncie and sweet , but hot stuff just makes me sweat like hell...i just drank 2 spoons....btw ,w e ordered a bowl of fishball soup as well.....they made their own fishballs themselves last time , but not for now....they just take from supplier....so it wasnt that spongy anymore(fishballs)...

Its located at the junction of hutton lane before turning into new world park.....they have a KFC opposite this coffee house also....beside it was a hotel....not sure with the name though XD


  1. eh there got 1 famous mee goreng wat.. zzz

  2. tried , nothing special , decided not to blog about it...got shot some photos on that though....my mom said they changed ppl ad wor


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