Saturday, September 26, 2009

Joo Hui coffee shop @ Penang Road

Ppl always don bother wat this coffee house called , they just simply call it ' the penang road laksa / penang road cendol ' , feel sorry for the shop owner =( i went there for lunch with my fren.....was quite crowded and the weather is so hot...never wear an extra jacket if u plan to have ur lunch inside the coffee here are some photos :

I requested to that aunty to shoot her stall XP....i asked her to stand beside her stall but she refused even though i praise her 'leng lui' but anyway , shes good enough to let me shoot wat i wan la except for her face....haiz.....

Yum yum assam laksa....sweet and sour taste mixed perfectly well....but my fren complaint that its too spicy =(...i guess this don really suits foreigner's taste buds ei....=P

It was SO crowded that i cant even walk near....aunties are standing i just shot it from far..... :S

The famous cendol in penang.....some feel that its special....but its just some jelly and red beans on some ice (some syrup as well)....nothing special to me...but this works well with the environment inside the coffee shop since i did mentioned up there that its damn hot.....and this thing saves my fren's life from laksa =)...anyway , u need to pay more if u wanna have this cendol inside the coffee house...or else , u will need to stand like those aunties.....XD


  1. aunties are kinda similar to zombies.....they swarm like undead .... =X

  2. well u can imagine wat they did during 5pm at the usual place XD