Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Guinness Flavour By Fire Festival Penang 2023 @ Fort Cornwallis, Georgetown, Penang.

A very much celebrated event- The Guinness Flavour By Fire is back this year and the Penang chapter happened on 2 and 3 September 2023 at Fort Cornwallis Penang. The event saw the attendance of many Guinness lovers and visitors from all over the world. The event gathered many barbecue specialists to offer Guinness-infused flame-cooked creations, they were: Smoke Papa BBQ, White Smoke, Roku the Taco Bar, DreamBurger, Three Tiers Ice Cream, KAO BBQ, Firewood Penang, Foxhole 24 and Kitchen Mafia from Kuala Lumpur. The 2-day event was made available to invited guests, public and even walk-ins. No entrance fee but pay as you order (for the food and drinks). More information about the event, please visit Guinness website.

Many Thanks to Heineken Malaysia for hosting us.

Barbecue Trout by Firewood (Rm 25)

Grilled White Corn with Guinness Glaze by Firewood (Rm 18)

Smoked Pork Ribs by Smoke Papa (Rm 15/ 100 gram)

BBQ Pork Sausage (Rm 11) with Mashed Potato (Rm 5)

Ma La Sausages by White Smoke (Rm 22 for 2)

Smoked Salmon by Kitchen Mafia (Rm 33)

Braised Beef Brisket by Foxhole 24 (Rm 23)

Truffle Ice Cream with Parmesan Chip by Three Tiers Ice Cream (Rm 12) with Guinness Bread (Rm 4)

Guinness Ice Cream by Three Tiers Ice Cream (Rm 12) with Guinness Bread (Rm 4)

Guinness Draught

We enjoyed everything we ordered during the event. Memorable orders included the Grilled White Corn with Guinness Glaze by Firewood, the natural sweetness from the Corn was further heightened by the caramelization from the open flame as well as the bitter-sweet Guinness Glaze. The Smoked Salmon from Kitchen Mafia was equally lovely, fork-tender texture with bold smoky hue. For sweet, the Truffle Ice Cream with Parmesan Chip served with toasted Guinness Bread by Three Tiers Ice Cream was beyond amazing. The Truffle flavor really stood out well and the Ice Cream was addictively creamy pulsating with strong Truffle aroma. We enjoyed ours with the beautifully toasted, crispy Guinness Bread. We enjoyed all the above with servings of chilled, creamy-smooth Guinness Draught fresh from the tap. Not only the food and Guinness, but the overall atmosphere at the Guinness Flavour By Fire was awesome- great people, good food/drink; truly a memorable Guinness experience. The event was well-arranged, from entrance to vendors as well as seating arrangement and entertainment. We certainly hope to see more of such events in Penang in the near future.

Complimentary Foam-Printing Service

Booth for Guinness Merchandises

Promotional Booth by Drinkies

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