Thursday, August 3, 2023

Pearly Kee Nyonya Set Dinner @ Java Tree, Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang.

In collaboration with celebrity Chef and cook book author- Pearly Kee, Eastern & Oriental Hotel (E&O) Penang is introducing the essence of Peranakan cuisine to the diners at Java Tree. In this one-off collaboration, diners get to taste many classic Peranakan dishes carefully prepared by guest Chef-Pearly.  The collaboration happened on a Friday evening (28 Jul 2023) at Java Tree. The exclusive 5-course dinner was priced at RM288 per pax. If you are keen or wish to be updated on such events, do watch out E&O Hotel's Facebook Page.

Many Thanks to E&O Hotel for hosting us.

[Amuse-Bouche] Pie Tee

[Pre-Set Table Condiment] Acar

[Pre-Set Table Condiment] Bunga Kantan Kerabu Sauce and Sambal Belacan

[Appetizer] Chicken Lorbak, Popiah and Fried Choon Piah

[Soup] Nyonya Fish Maw Soup

[Sorbet] Ambra and Salted Sour Plum Sorbet

[Main Course] Nasi Ulam

[Main Course] Nyonya Chap Chye

[Main Course] Assam Prawn

[Main Course] Chicken Curry Kapitan

[Main Course] Tamarind Fish Curry

[Main Course] Crab Otak Otak and Fried Man Tou

[Dessert] Cendol Cake and Bubur Cha Cha

[Coffee/Tea] Pineapple Tart and Portuguese Egg Tart

It takes a lot of effort for one to prepare a Peranakan meal. Guest Chef Pearly has definitely outdone herself this time. The dinner started with a flute of Prosecco as Aperitif, followed by Amuse Bouche of Pie Tee. The filling (stir fried Jicama with Dried Cuttlefish) was heightened by the addition of Sambal Belacan and a plump Shrimp. The crisp-burst of juice combination gave a good preview on the ensuing feast. The Appetizers of 3 different rolls- Chicken Lor Bak (five-spiced Chicken Roll), Popiah (fresh Spring Rolls) and Fried Chun Peah (Deep Fried Spring Roll); each of them offered a completely different texture and flavor-combo, delicately complemented by special sauces. 

After a bowl of hearty Fish Maw Soup, diners were served with a very refreshing serving of Ambra Sorbet sprinkled with Sour Plum Powder as palate cleanser. For mains, diners were treated a generous serving of dishes with vibrant flavors- Assam Prawns, Tamarind Fish Curry, Crab Otak-Otak, Chicken Curry Kapitan and Nyonya Chap Chye... served with Nasi Ulam (a concoction of rice and fresh Herbs as well as Vegetables). The Nasi Ulam was a palate pleaser, with bountiful flavors; good on its own but even better with the addition of Sambal Belacan, for the extra Chili kick. 

The sweet treats consisted a mix of traditional dessert Bubur Cha Cha with a playful version of Cendol. The Bubur Cha Cha was lovely-delicately sweetened with salty-sweet creaminess. The Cendol was something new, instead of the liquid version, we were served with a Cendol Pudding with chilled Coconut Cream as filling. But the essential elements (like Palm Sugar) were clear and apparent, a fun and innovative way to enjoy this timeless delicacy.

Aperitif- Prosecco

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