Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Beach St Bistrot by David & Brian Chin @ Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang.

A new venture and collaboration by the Dave's Deli Founder and Son- David and Brian Chin, the newly opened Beach St Bistrot is a casual space offering modern European cuisine. A meal here at the Beach St Bistrot is a quaint affair- many familiar European delights with a tinge of Asian flavors as well as a good collection of Wines and innovative Cocktails. The proprietors are trying to move away from the Dave's Deli shadow and upping the ante, offering a more upscale menu with quality ingredients. Step in the restaurant and you will notice a bright, comfortable space with communal table seating arrangement and a semi-open kitchen towards the end. On the upper floor, there is a bar as well as proper dining areas that can accommodate bigger groups. Reservations are recommended, especially peak hours on weekends/ public holidays.

Many Thanks to Beach St Bistrot for hosting us.

Spaghetti King Prawn with Lobster Tomalley Emulsion (Rm 78)

The BSB Wagyu Burger (Rm 75)

Pulled Lamb Gourmet Pie (Rm 48)

Charred Honey Corn Ribs (Rm 35)

Fresh Mussels Mariniere (Rm 78/ air-flown from Port Phillip Bay/ only available on every Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon)

Crepe Suzette (Rm 32)

Start off light with the Charred Honey Corn Ribs- char grilled using Binchotan, the Corn Ribs possesses a delightful smoky aroma. The natural sweetness from the Pearl Corn from Cameron Highlands is bold enough to give the Corn Ribs a beautifully caramelization. With a touch of butter, sprinkles of Cheese and some Cajun Spices, it is salty-sweet with a gentle spicy kick. For Mussel lovers, go for their Fresh Mussels Mariniere. Cooked using fresh Mussels air-flown from Port Phillip Bay Australia, the shellfish is plump, juicy and amazingly sweet. The broth (a concoction of White Wine and Bonito broth) sets it apart from other dishes, the umami in the broth is incredibly bold. Nam Jim (Thai Seafood sauce) is served as a dip for this dish...if offers an unusually refreshing combo. 

Many sing their praises for the Gourmet Pies at Beach St Bistrot. The Pulled Lamb is a nice variation to the usual Beef and Chicken (there is a fish option too). The Pulled Lamb is expertly braised for more than 8 hours for the fork-tender texture, encased in a buttery-flaky pastry... served with mashed Potato and Peas. For those who enjoy good Pasta with deep Seafood umami flavors should try their Spaghetti King Prawn with Lobster Tomalley Emulsion. The Spaghetti is carefully cooked with al-dente texture and dressed in creamy, rich Lobster Tomalley. It has the lovely smoky, charred aroma (a result from grilling the shellfish over coal fire). A generous amount of King Prawn cubes is also added to the dish... for that satisfying bite. Another signature dish of Beach St Bistrot would be their BSB Wagyu Burger- skillfully grilled Wagyu Patty served with American Cheese, Black Truffle Paste, Veal Bacon, Sun Dried Tomato, Gherkin, Relish and Croissant Buns. The combination speaks for itself. 

For meal-ender, the timeless classic- Crepe Suzette served with a beautiful sweet-sour concoction with a subtle alcohol aroma. The dessert will be flambeed before serving to the table. 

Additional Information:
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Government Tax: Yes 6%
Business Hours: 12 pm to 4 pm, 6 pm to 11 pm on Thursdays to Mondays, 6 pm to 11 pm on Wednesdays. Closed on Tuesdays.
Contact Number: 018- 208 8171

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