Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Cocktail Workshop By Mattia Coppo @ Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang.

Proudly organized by Eastern and Oriental Hotel Penang, the Cocktail Workshop by Mattia Coppo was a huge success. The event on 16 June 2023 (at Farquhar Bar, Eastern and Oriental Hotel Penang) saw many Cocktail lovers coming together in learning how to perfect the art of mixing drinks. Mattia Coppo is a well-known bartender, brand ambassador and spirits consultant whom specializes in developing Cocktail strategies for Italian spirit producers and other industry players. For RM99, attendees were introduced to 2 classic Cocktails- Negroni and Spritz. Stay tuned to Eastern and Oriental Hotel Penang Facebook Page for more future events. 

Many Thanks to E&O Hotel for hosting us.

Mattia Coppo introducing the Italian liqueur

Negroni (London Dry Gin, Gajardo Bitter Radicale and Cocchi Storico di Torino)

Recipe for the Cocktails

Gin Tonic (welcome drink)

Some Snacks for the attendees

Liquors for the Workshop

Workshop Setup

In this workshop, attendees were introduced to the history and origins of the Cocktails as well as the labels of the Italian liqueur. Attendees were then introduced to Spritz, a light and easy-going Cocktail with Gajardo Triple Sec (as Bitter) and Vignalta Sirio Moscato Secco (as the Sweet). The idea of mixing these 2 is to strive a bitter-sweet balance. The amount of Soda water is up to the personal preference, as well as the Ice Cubes. According to Mattia, the perfect way of mixing Cocktails is to come out with something you like (as some like it neat, some like it diluted). The iconic Cocktail invented in Florence (Italy)- Negroni, Mattia introduced Gajardo Bitter Radicale, an Italian herb-infused Bitter Liqueur for a long-exquisite, bitter after taste. After the Workshop ended, attendees got to speak to Mattia and a simple question-and-answer session was held. 

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