Monday, January 9, 2023

The Fisher By KruaThai @ Burmah Road, Georgetown, Penang.

Satisfying your cravings for authentic Thai delights at The Fisher By KruaThai, a new Thai restaurant opened in September 2022. It took over the spot at Le Embassy Hotel (Burmah Road) previously occupied as Catch by D.A.M. Minimal changes to the interior, The Fisher now offers an authentic Thai menu manned by Thai Chefs. There are plenty of Thai options- from the familiar dishes like Mieng Kam to Tom Yum Seafood or even Tab Tim Krob; diners can also expect to find some uncommon yet exciting ones like Salt-Grilled Fish, Thai Lamb Rack Soup, Thai Glutinous Rice Balls etc. While the food quality is impressive, the dishes are also reasonably priced. If you are visiting in a big group, do make early reservations.

Many Thanks to The Fisher By KruaThai for hosting us. 

Thai Steamed Egg with Seafood (Rm 25.90)

Thai Style Salmon Salad (Rm 39.90)

Grilled Squid with Seafood Sauce (Rm 36.90)

Thai Style Wading In the Garden- Red Snapper (Rm 85)

Stir Fried Melinjo Leaves With Egg (Rm 18.90)

Australia Tenderloin Steak Noodle Soup (Rm 39.90)

Tab Tim Kron (Rm 12.90)

Rainbow Thai Glutinous Rice Balls in Coconut Milk (Rm 12.90)

Thai Cha Yen (Rm 8.90)

For those who love Thai starters and raw Salmon should try the Thai Style Salmon Salad (which apparently our favorite of the day too). The Salmon was lightly torched for a smoky hue and meaty texture before being tossed with the sour-sweet-spicy Thai dressing... along with Coriander, Onions, Tomatoes and Chilies. The dish is amazingly refreshing and saliva-inducing, ensuing a great start to the feast. Squid lovers would not want to miss their Grilled Squid with Seafood Sauce- expertly grilled Squid served with the spicy but addictive Thai Seafood sauce. For something different and unusual, go for the Thai Steamed Egg with Seafood. The base is basically silky smooth Steamed Egg but served with thick, rich Thai Tom Yum-like soup with bountiful of Seafood. The spiciness is toned down so it does not overpower the steamed Egg. 

The Thai Style Wading In the Garden- Red Snapper is another must-try at The Fisher. Diners get to choose their choices of Fish but we recommend trying Red Snapper... for its meaty, firm texture. The dish is skillfully cooked- lightly battered and seasoned, served with a very refreshing Lemongrass-Tom Yum sauce. The sauce is the soul to the dish, it carries a strong acidity with a lingering-aftertaste of Tom Yum flavor. The Lemongrass added a nice crunchy texture to the sauce, a dish that is best spooned over rice. 

To end the meal, try the Tab Tim Krob and the Thai Glutinous Rice Balls in Coconut Milk. The Red Rubby is larger in sizes as they are hand-made by the Chefs, served with thick, rich Coconut Milk as well as some Jack Fruit. The Thai Glutinous Rice Balls is a rare sight , served with sweetened but rich-creamy Coconut Milk as well as a poached Egg. 

Additional Information:
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Government Tax: No
Business Hours: 11 am to 3 pm, 5 pm to 12 am on weekdays; 11 am to 12 am on weekends. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 013- 721 7718

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