Sunday, March 27, 2022

Yong Pin Restaurant 榕槟茶楼 @ Kimberley Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Enjoy classic old school Dim Sum dishes in a modern setting atYong Pin Restaurant 榕槟茶楼, the restaurant has been around for years and its one of the oldest Dim Sum restaurants in Penang. It has recently relocated to Kimberley Street (from Sungai Ujong), transforming from an old school setting to a modern-retro setting... offering a more comfortable dining space. The successful transformation has lured in younger crowd since its its reopening last year... expect big crowd and long waiting lines on weekends. But if you would love to try out some of the old school Dim Sum dishes, you will be glad to know that Yong Pin still serves them. The bill for 3 came out to be around Rm 67 including Chinese Tea for 3 (Pu Er at Rm 2 per pax).

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun

Har Kaw/ Prawn Dumplings

Steamed Fish Balls

Siew Mai/ Pork Dumplings

Deep Fried Fish Balls

Peanut Mochi

None of the items disappoint but none of them was out of the world good as well. Speaking of some uncommon Dim Sum dishes- go for their Cabbage Wrapped Chicken and Peanut Mochi; both are old school Dim Sum dishes that are uncommonly found in most Dim Sum joints. If we must pick one item we enjoyed the most... it would be the Peanut Mochi, which almost like the Muar Chee that we are all familiar with but the texture was chewier and less-sticky, the Peanut-Sugar filling was nicely concocted with the right sweetness. 

Taste: 7/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Service: 7.5/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Price: 7/10 (1-3 expensive, 4-7 average, 8-10 cheap)
Parking: 6/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Ambiance: 7.5/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No

Business Hours: 7 am to 2:30 pm. Closed on Mondays.
Contact Number: 04- 261 1355

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