Thursday, November 25, 2021

Wholesome Thai Experience with Marrybrown Malaysia!

Celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year, Marrybrown- the largest homegrown Halal fast-food chain has been bringing fans "around the world" starting with Korea and Italy earlier this year, introducing delicacies inspired from those countries. The third destination of Marrybrown's Around The World themed meal in celebration of their 40th Anniversary this year is Thailand... bringing the essence of our neighborhood country nearer to you. To complete a wholesome Thai experience, Marrybrown offers a series of new Thai-inspired delicacies which include the Tom Yam Chicken, Tom Yam Chicken Burger, Tom Yam Chicken Nuggets, Tom Yam Porridge and Tom Yam Fries that are available in both combo and single. 

Tom Yam Chicken- comes in a bucket when order 5 pcs or more (2 pcs- price from RM12.70/ 5 pcs- price from RM31.50/ 9 pcs- price from RM55.80)

Tom Yam Big Box (price from RM25.80)

Tom Yam Chicken Burger (single- price from RM7.90/ Tom Yam Chicken Burger Combo- price from RM14.90)

Tom Yam Fries (upgrade on combo- price from RM1/ single- price from RM5)

Tom Yam Porridge (single- price from RM7.80/ Tom Yam Porridge Combo- price from RM16.50)

To bring Marrybrown fans nearer to the Land of Smiles, Marrybrown is introducing the familiar Thai Tom Yam flavors to their Thai-inspired meals... Start the YAM-my experience with Marrybrown's Tom Yam Chicken coated in a divine combination of spicy and sour flavor which would make one feels instantly transported to the Kingdom of Thai. If you are enjoying the Marrybrown Tom Yam Chicken with friends and family, they are available in a bucket when you order five pieces or more (a-la-carte/ price from RM31.50). For those who are more contented with burgers can join this Around The World journey by having their Tom Yam Chicken Burger or even a warm, comforting grain bowl of Tom Yam Porridge. 

For Marrybrown fans looking to try a variety of this new offering, go for the Tom Yam Big Box (price from RM25.80) which consists of one piece of Tom Yam Chicken, a Tom Yam Burger, six pieces of Tom Yam Chicken Nuggets, Regular Fries as well as a refreshing thirst quencher- Nestle Pink Lemonade. 

It is noteworthy that currently Marrybrown has a promotion on offer: Buy six pieces of Tom Yam Chicken Free 6 pieces of Tom Yam Chicken Nuggets (price from RM37.80). Visit your nearest Marrybrown outlets now! 

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