Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Gurney Plaza Introduces The New Gurney Food Hall

Filling empty bellies while out for shopping is a common practice but do not let the chain restaurants or fast food joints in the mall limiting your options. One of the fashion leading malls in Penang- Gurney Plaza has recently launched a new space- Gurney Food Hall, a 33,000 square feet food hall that can accommodate up to 600 diners at one go. It is arguably the largest upscale food court on Penang island. The brand new Gurney Food Hall has a fresh, modern and cozy interior; it gathers a wealth of food vendors not only limiting to Penang Street Food but a vast variety of international delights as well (all pork-free). The Gurney Food Hall houses 4 different zones... with each zone representing important landmarks around Penang- The Pier (highlighting the Penang Free Industrial Hub which revived the economy in the late 20th century), The Palm (natural wonders of Penang), The Pier (innovative design paired with interactive elements) and The Patio (a cozy sunshine corner that shies away from the crowd). There are a total 25 physical stalls housed in the food hall... which strive to provide a comfortable space to stretch your shopping legs or for a munch break. 

Exclusive Gifts and Redemptions for Gurney Food Hall Grand Launch:

1. Gurney Food Hall Grand Opening Celebration: 25 Oct 2020 onwards at Extension Wing Atrium Ground Floor- spend RM150 and above (max 2 combined same day receipts) at any outlets in Gurney Plaza to stand a chance to Spin & Win exciting goodies or vouchers.

2. Early Birds Giveaway: 15 & 16 Oct 2020 onwards at Gurney Food Hall- Free Gurney Food Hall Foodie Voucher and exclusive merchandize for 1st 100 CapitaStar members in queue on 15 & 16 Oct.

3. Gurney Food Hall Limited Edition Non-Woven Bag Redemption: 16 Oct 2020 onwards at Information Counter- spend a min of RM100 (max 2 combined same day receipts and 1 receipt must be from Gurney Food Hall) to redeem a Gurney Food Hall non-woven bag. 

4. Tapao-Where Redemption: 20 Nov 2020 onwards at Information Counter- spend a min of RM200 (max 2 combined same day receipts and 1 receipt must be from Gurney Food Hall) to redeem a food container.

5. Portable Cutlery Set Redemption: 01 Dec 2020 onwards at Information Counter- spend a min of RM200 (max 2 combined same day receipts and 1 receipt must be from Gurney Food Hall) to redeem one portable cutlery set.

6. Foldable Mask Holder Redemption: 15 Dec 2020 onwards at Information Counter- spend a min of RM30 in a single receipt during weekdays to redeem a Gurney Food Hall mask holder.

Many Thanks to Gurney Plaza for hosting us.

[Triple Star Hainanese Chicken Rice] Hainan Chicken Drumstick (Rm 6.90)

[Triple Star Hainanese Chicken Rice] Braised Chicken Drumstick (Rm 7.90)

[Penang Hong Zai] Mantis Prawn Hokkien Mee (Rm 9.90)

[Super Hot Plate] Super beef Sliced Meal with additional Egg, Cheese and Gyoza (Rm 23)

[Thailander] Thai Curry Laksa (Rm 8.50)

[Thailander] Green Curry Chicken (Rm 7)

[Thailander] Mango Stick Rice (Rm 9)

[Mr Shawerma] Shawerma Platter (Rm 25)

[Bite Me Dessert] Lemon Crystal Ice Jelly (Rm 6.50)

[Patio Cafe] Super Tonic (Rm 9.50)/ Fiber Detoxification Juice (Rm 9.50)/ Watermelon Juice (Rm 5.30) 

Enter the place from the main entrance of 4th floor and you will be amazed by its modernist theme that creates a depth and spacious dining space, boasting a stylish and futuristic dining atmosphere. The new Gurney Food Hall offers something for everyone- whether the much loved local-regional cuisine or some uncommonly found international delights. For diners who prefer to savor local heritage street food may go for the Penang-styled Hokkien Prawn Mee; the stall- Penang Hong Zai tops it off with Mantis Prawns... for the extra umami-ness and bolder crustacean sweetness. For something more solid, give Triple Star Hainanese Chicken Rice a go. The Chicken is available in 2 different variants- poached or roasted; both are equally delicious and best served over the Chicken Rice seasoned rice. 

For other Asian and International dishes, Thailander and Mr Shawerma are some of the worth-trying options. Thailander is a Thai-food specialist that offers a vast variety of affordable but hearty Thai dishes- from the familiar Tom Yum to Thai Salad, Mango Sticky Rice or Green Curry; whilst Mr Shawerma offers diners Middle-Eastern dining experience. The Kebab is a popular dish but to complete the whole experience, top it off with the platter which consists of Hummus, Coleslaw and various crunchy greens... definitely a brilliant way to assuage the guilt or to share the pleasure with another partner in crime. 

For something modern, Super Hot Plate is a popular choice; it churns out rice dishes on Hot Plates and can be topped up with anything- meat, dumplings, vegetables or even cheese. A modern take that allows creativities. To round up the meal, try your luck at Bite Me Dessert; the stall has many mouth-watering desserts from the refreshing Ai Yu Jelly to local home-cooked sweet soups; the meal would not go wrong with sweet ending. Lastly, wash down with some drinks, tropical fruit juices at Patio Cafe which has a diverse range of beverages available. 

Additional Information:
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No
Business Hours: 10 am to 10 pm. Opens Daily.
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