Monday, September 28, 2020

Frank Laurent Launches All Day Food Menu

Established in 2015, Frank Laurent was one of the earliest boutique roasters in Penang; while they still remain as a key player and leading name when it comes to quality coffee, the brand has far expanded its business operations... offering more options to coffee lovers and cafe hoppers. With a base in Udini Square, Frank Laurent currently manages 4 more outlets in northern Malaysia. The Udini Square outlet has also expanded since then; while the minimalist cafe continues to offer the right laid back vibe, it is now more spacious and comfortable for coffee lovers to unwind and enjoy their cup of Joe. In line with their expansion plan, Frank Laurent also launched their All Day Food Menu in the month of September 2020. The newly rolled out All Day Food Menu features an array of hearty brunch staples like Toasts, Pasta and sweet treats; not very extensive but more than good enough to please picky eaters. 

Many Thanks to Frank Laurent for hosting us that afternoon.

Unagi Ikura and Creamy Scrambled Egg (Rm 32)

Gochujang Tuna and Cherry Tomatoes (Rm 20)

Asian Caesar Salad (Rm 18)

Bonito Salmon Carbonara (Rm 33)

Truffle Curly Fries (Rm 20)

Yogurt Strawberry QQ Liege Waffle (Rm 18)

Matcha Mocha (Rm 15)

Whether you are seeking for something light or a full meal, the newly launched menu has everything covered. To start with something light, go for their Unagi Ikura and Creamy Scrambled Egg or Gochujang Tuna and Cherry Tomatoes. The former one comes with some reasonably seasoned fluffy Scrambled Egg topped with pieces of Unagi and Ikura, the Egg adds a little density to the toast while the Unagi offers a sleek sweetness, backed by the  pops of seafood sweetness in the Ikura. The latter one is more straight-forward... Gochujang-infused (Korean Hot Pepper paste) Tuna with a some chopped Onions served with heaps of sweet Cherry Tomatoes. Both are served on a crunchy Toast; perfect for sharing as light snacks/ appetizers but also substantial enough for small eaters. For Pasta, the Bonito Salmon Carbonara is one of the highlights... al dentely cooked Spaghetti served in a cream-based sauce and topped with Smoked Salmon, Soft-Boiled Egg and sprinkled with Furikake (Japanese Dry Seasoning); a seemingly familiar yet exciting flavor combo. For sweet treats, their Waffle series is also worth a look. Frank Laurent only serves Liege Waffle and if you are new to their Waffle, try their Yogurt Strawberry QQ Liege Waffle. This particular dish had its Waffle stuffed with Mochi so the texture maybe a little chewier than the usual Waffles; also, it is served with their in-house brand "Frosley" Yogurt Strawberry Gelato Ice Cream... which offers a refreshing summer sweet treat. It is also noteworthy that their in-house Ice Cream brand "Frosley" is also available for retail at Frank Laurent's Udini Square outlet (or visit their website for more information).

Additional Information:
Pork-Free and Alcohol-Free
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No
Business Hours: 9:30 am to 10:30 pm. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 604- 295 5370

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