Monday, August 3, 2020

"Chiak" All-You-Can, Live Station Buffet @ Iconic Hotel, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

In such sensitive times like now... with the pandemic situation going on certain, social distancing seems like a nuisance but it is definitely necessary. Restaurants and hotels are making extra effort to ensure diners are dining in a safe environment. Iconic Hotel is one of the many hotels that are going the extra mile to ensure all guidelines are complied- tables are well distanced (the space can now host up to 60 diners at any one time), dining utensils are individually wrapped and sealed. The hotel's buffet section was closed earlier but after months of preparation, they have recently rolled out "Chiak" All-You-Can, Live Station Buffet. Available on every Friday and Saturday (from 7 pm to 10 pm) at their in-house restaurant, the buffet features a wide range of local dishes and international delights (Japanese delicacies, Chinese stir-fries, Seafood-On-Ice etc). This buffet promotion is expected to run from now until October 2020. For Ken Hunts Food's followers, you may receive 15% discount by quoting "CAYCIKH" (promotion is valid for the month of August 2020 only and limited to the first 30 pax).

Many Thanks to Iconic Hotel for hosting us.

Seafood Platter

[Seafood On Ice] Flower Crabs/ Mussels

[Seafood On Ice] Prawns

Sashimi Platter

Japanese-Styled Appetizers- Sweet Beancurd/ Sweet Omelette/ Edamame/ Baby Octopus/ Jellyfish/ Seasoned Scallop Wings/ Seasoned Clam Meat

Salad Bar- Garden Salad/ Chicken Caesar Salad/ Wafu Mushroom Salad

Start the feast by having some Seafood On Ice- Prawns, Scallops, Flower Crabs and Mussels are some of the items not to be missed. In addition to the Seafood feast, go for the Sashimi platter- choose between Salmon Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi or Octopus (or all). To make it more extensive, the hotel also prepares small Japanese-styled appetizers... which are not common in other buffets. 

[Chef's Specialty/ 1 serving per guest] Buddha Jump Over The Wall

[Ala-Carte Menu] Sambal Seafood Petai

[Ala-Carte Menu] Wok Fried Prawns With Cereal

[Ala-Carte Menu] Braised Mushroom with Broccoli in Oyster Sauce

[Ala-Carte Menu] Various Hot Dishes

[Deep Fried Dishes] Spicy Squid Tentacles/ Sweet Potato Fries/ Takoyaki Balls/ Tempura Prawns/ Fried White Bait/ Tempura Soft Shell Crab

[Grilled Dishes] Salmon and Mackerel with Teriyaki Sauce/ Oyster Mushroom with Teriyaki Sauce/ Yakitori/ Grilled Shishamo

There are plenty of selection when it comes to main dishes. One of the most unique features of "Chiak" All-You-Can, Live Station Buffet is the limited quantity of Chef's Specialty... in which a voucher will be given to each diner and the voucher is to redeem for ONE special dish of the day (each diner is limited to one serving, no repeat order). The Chef's Specialty dish is on a constant change so the surprise factor is there. Apart from the live action stalls which serve Fried goods, Roasted meat and Sashimi; there is an ala-carte menu that allows diners to have unlimited servings. Notable dishes on the menu are Curry Salmon Fish Head, Braised Beef Brisket with White Radish, Herbal Salt Baked Chicken, Sambal Seafood Petai, Wok Fried Prawns with Cereals etc.

Petit Four

Durian Tarts

Merry Me Ice Cream

Fresh Fruits


Finish your meal with their specially crafted desserts, even better if you are a big fan of Durian. Iconic Hotel owns their very own Durian farm and supplies. With the King of Fruit is in season, the buffet sees a range of Durian desserts... from Durian Tarts to Durian Cakes or even Durian sweet soup (served with Coconut Milk). These are of course, in addition to the usual dessert range. Ice Cream lovers would be glad to know that Iconic Hotel offers "Merry Me" Ice Cream- a proud Penang brand that is known to offer many unusual but delicious Ice Cream flavors. 

Additional Information:
Contact Number: 604- 505 9988

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