Thursday, November 29, 2018

Azumino Ikeda Japanese Sake Fair @ Oriental Red Seafood Market, Jelutong, Penang.

Representatives from Azumino Ikeda 信州安曇野 Town Council (Nagano Prefecture) Japan hosted a Japanese Sake dinner in collaboration with Oriental Red Seafood Market Penang last week. Ikeda Town is famous for its superior quality Rice known for Sake-brewing and thus, the event showcased 7 types of premium Japanese Sake specially brought from Japan paired with meticulously prepared Japanese 5-course dinner from Oriental Red Seafood Market.

About Nagano Prefecture 長野県:

2 hours by Train and north of Tokyo, Nagono Prefecture is a place known for its natural resources and beauty. The hot springs and ski resorts are especially popular amongst Japanese and international visitors. The north-western area of Nagano Prefecture is where Ikeda Town located; a place blessed with rich natural resources for agriculture. The quality Rice makes an important ingredient for the 2 Japanese Sake breweries in Ikeda Town. If you are a fan of flowers, the place is known for its Cherry Blossoms, Chamomiles, Lavenders and Maple Trees (depending on seasons).

Many Thanks to Ikeda Town Council and Oriental Red Seafood Market for hosting us that evening.

There were 7 types of Japanese Sake from Ikeda, Nagano, Japan for the guests to enjoy:

  1. Daisekkei Karakuchi Honjyouzou 大雪渓 辛口本醸造
  2. Daisekkei Daiginjyou Yamadanishiki 大雪渓 大吟醸 山田錦
  3. Daisekkei Tokubetsu Jyunmai Shu 大雪渓 特别純米酒
  4. Kita Alps Daiginjyou Shu 北アルプス 大吟醸酒
  5. Fukumimi Jyunmai Daiginjyou Genshu 福耳 純米大吟醸原酒
  6. Fukugen Jyunmai Ginjyoushu (Fukugen Kinpaku Iri) 福源 (ふくげん) 純米吟醸酒 FUKUGEN 金箔入
  7. Azumino Umeshu Genshu 安昙野 うめしゅ原酒

[Starter] Japanese Shio-Koji Ikeda Garden Pickled Salad

[Sashimi] Japanese Seasonal Seafood

[Grills] Iberico Ribs with Spicy Peanuts Miso Sauce from Ikeda, Nagano

[Shokuji] Oriental Red Signature Yosenabe Okayu with Lobster and Hokkaido Scallops

[Dessert] Layered Sake Lees Cake with Oriental-flavor Red Bean Sauce

It's important to understand how warm and chilled Sake works with the food, to create better dimension and not to jeopardize the Sake. Daisekkei Karakuchi Honjyouzou was served hot to go with the starters... a medley of pickles served with Shio-Koji, a type of seasoning made of Rice Koji... specially brought in from Ikeda town. It was quite an exotic but acquired taste, it was very weird in the beginning but as we continued, the taste eventually got better and smoother. The warm and fragrant Daisekkei Karakuchi Honjyouzou acted like a palate-cleanser to cut through the bold flavor of Shio-Koji.

Oriental Red Seafood Market offers premium fresh Sashimi and its best to go with chilled Daisekkei Daiginjyou Yamadanishiki, a refreshing Japanese Rice liquor that blended well with Sashimi and White Fish. Continuing the momentum was chilled Daisekkei Tokubetsu Jyunmai Shu with Oriental Red Seafood Market's signature Iberico... smoky, addictive, tender piece of meat with the Sake with subtle and mellowness flavor of rice. The sweetness of the Japanese Sake was at minimum so that it would not be in conflict with the meaty flavors of the Iberico.

Kita Alps Daiginjyou Shu's brewing method is a little unusual, it is brewed in long-term low temperature fermentation for better fragrance. Fukumimi Jyunmai Daiginjyou Genshu was to pair with the main dish of the evening- Oriental Red Signature Yosenabe Okayu with Lobster and Hokkaido Scallops. The combination needs no further introduction, the bold seafood flavor in the Yosenabe speaks for itself while the delicate Japanese Sake possessed a delicate but strong flavor. We then got to enjoy the most premium Sake of the evening- the Fukugen Jyunmai Ginjyoushu with Gold Flakes, not the one with deepest impression on flavors but the visual-presentation was a league on its own. 

We put a complete full stop to the evening by having Chef's proud creation- Layered Sake Lees Cake with Oriental-flavor Red Bean Sauce. It was one of the most unique and delicious Japanese desserts I've ever had. The base was Chocolate Cake filled with Red Bean sauce and layered with Sake-infused cream, topped with fresh fruits. All the ingredients beautifully amalgamated together and the concoction was not as sweet as expected, the hidden but discernible Sake flavor stood out, adding a nice touch of booze to the sweet treat. We enjoyed the dessert together with the sweet Azumino Umeshu Genshu, brewed with Japanese Sake and selected Plums from Japan Alps area. It has a bold fruity fragrance but can be quite sweet at the same time.

Additional Information:
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No 
Address: No. 28, Fortune Park, Jalan Perusahaan Jelutong 2, 11600, Jelutong, Penang.
Business Hours: 12 pm to 12 am. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 604- 283 3363

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