Thursday, February 8, 2018

Spread The Chinese New Year Joy with Soon Thye Hang (顺泰行) Malaysia

Show your loved ones that you care in this Chinese New Year by surprising them with attractive gift hampers. The auspicious season will never be completed without festive goodies, and gift hampers are often some of the best ideas to spread the festive joy. Soon Thye Hang (顺泰行) is one of the best brands to get your Chinese New Year gifts, the long-established brand has great presence across the nation (more than 30 outlets in Malaysia). For more than 50 years, they have always been committed in delivering trusted, relevant and premium quality products to customers. For this Chinese New Year, Soon Thye Hang (顺泰行) offers value-for-money Chinese New Year gift hampers, starting from RM 338; all hampers are beautifully wrapped to live up to the auspicious theme, representing better fortunes, luck and health in the upcoming year. 

This post is brought to you by Soon Thye Hang Malaysia.

Soon Thye Hang Braised Abalones 红烧吉品罐头鲍鱼 (10 pieces/ RM 86- promo rate) and Soon Thye Hang Chile Abalones 智利罐头鲍鱼 (4 pieces/ RM 110- promo rate)

新年将至,又是送礼佳节;趁着这农历新年为挚爱亲友送上祝福感恩之心,精美手工礼篮绝对是不二之选。在马来西亚有多家分行的顺泰行,五十年来秉持着以信为本的精神为大众提供高级、可靠的海味产品;其信誉更是家喻户晓。在这农历新年,顺泰行这老字号推出了一系列的精美春节礼篮以及上选进口海味;庆贺优惠价从338令吉起跳。除此之外,顺泰行还引进了筵席上品、象征名贵身份的珍贵海味- 鲍鱼;趁着这佳节也推出了一系列的罐头鲍鱼,无论是红烧或盐水,大或小,还是以国家区分都应有尽有。新春饭里加入鲍鱼,“鲍”你过旺年!

Not to be missed is Soon Thye Hang's Chinese New Year promotion... for canned Abalones. The brand offers a wide selection of Abalones from braised to brine, in different sizes and price points. Amongst the country of origins are Japan, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Mexico.

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Each Abalone from the Chile Abalone is consistent in size- plump and most succulent. They can be enjoyed in various ways, whether by the communal Hot Pot or traditional Chinese New Year dishes; they can be equally good to be gifted to your loved ones either.

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