Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Pony Tale De Cafe Rolls Out New Menu @ Autocity Juru, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

In its continuous effort to up the game, Pony Tale De Cafe has devised and rolled out a newly curated menu, headed by a new fine-dining Head Chef and a dedicated kitchen team. Pony Tale De Cafe has the exact menu that would make anyone looking forward to the weekend brunch. Housed in a high-ceiling, seemingly romantic and paramount space at Autocity Juru, the cafe/ restaurant boasts over an extensive range Western-influenced dishes, desserts and drinks. The new menu is pretty much Pasta-focused, with some meat and seafood selections. Established in late 2015, the brand has 2 outlets under its care- one in Autocity and one in sPICE Canopy; both outlets shared the same menu with the exception that the outlet at sPICE Canopy offers a selection of Premium Coffee (like Blue Mountain, Utopian etc). There is slight revision to the prices but they commensurate in terms of serving portion as well as quality. 

Many Thanks to Pony Tale De Cafe for hosting us that afternoon.

Seafood Pasta de Pumpkin (Rm 36)

Pony House Beef Stew (Rm 35)

Texas BBQ Half Roasted Chicken (Rm 35/ half bird)

On the move to upgrade its menu, Seafood Pasta de Pumpkin is one of the newly introduced items. Inspired by the cafe's signature Pumpkin Pot, the dish is now served with a halved Pumpkin and Cream-based Pasta with heaps of Seafood. To increase its dimension, the Chef recommends to top it off with a dash of Chili Oil... for the mild, addictive Chili kick. Poultry lovers would be glad to know that Texas BBQ Half Roasted Chicken comes in a generous portion, the half-bird Chicken would satisfy any big eaters. The Roasted Chicken is then slathered with a thick, rich but smoky-sweet BBQ sauce. To top it up, the dish is served with creamy Mashed Potato and crunchy Greens.

Sicilian Seafood Pumpkin Pot (Rm 43.80)

Seafood Aglio Olio Angel Hair (Rm 31)

Pony Special Filetto De Salmon (Rm 43)

French Provencal Lamb Ribs (Rm 39)

Red Velvet Chocolate Lava (Rm 12)

Pony Tale De Cafe's renowned Sicilian Seafood Pumpkin Pot remains as one of the top choices for many diners- Tomato-based Pasta with heaps of Seafood being served in a cooked Pumpkin; though not exactly the most creative or superior taste, the presentation wins the hearts of many. Back to the basics, the Seafood Aglio Olio Angel Hair is one of the best sellers... with al-dentely cooked Squid Ink Pasta given a quick toss with Seafood and a gentle sprinkles of Chili Flakes, the dish seeks to please most Malaysians' palates. 

Fans of Lamb will not be disappointed with French Provencal Lamb Ribs, a proud creation by the Head Chef. The Ribs are braised till fork-tender and coated with a layer of crisp, nutty concoction. The texture is designed to be crisp on the outer layer while meaty, soft inside; when eaten with the specially concocted Mango Salsa sauce, the dish is guaranteed to elevate your taste buds. For a sweet ending, go for their Red Velvet Chocolate Lava.

Chococado Espresso (Rm 22.80)

Espresso (Rm 7.80)/ Espresso Macchiato (Rm 8.80)/ Americano (Rm 8.80)

Irish Shakerato (Rm 11.80)

Green Bonanza (Rm 14.80)

Fruity Purple (Rm 18.80)

Greenish Pony (Rm 15.80)

Romantic Roses (Rm 16.80)

Elegant Osmanthus (Rm 18.80)

Virgin Berries Mojito (Rm 15.80)

Pony Tale De Cafe takes pride in its array of reinvented, creatively concocted beverages that have people travelling far and wide to taste the unique flavor combinations. Start your sugary journey by choosing Milk, Coffee or Fruits/ Vegetable-based drinks. For Coffee-infused drinks, the Indonesian-inspired Chococado Espresso has Avocado as base with a scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream, guests may enjoy as the way it is or to have the Espresso poured over the drink for a 3-layer dimension. Equally taste-worthy is Irish Shakerato, an milk-based Ice Blended with topped with 2 Espresso Icicles, as the icicles melt, the Coffee flavor gets bolder, it's a drink that you will never get bored with. Should you prefer safer options, the classics are available too.

Additional Information:
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No *Prices shown are GST-inclusive*
Address: 1832-G-1, Auto City, Jalan Perusahaan Autocity, Juru, 14000, Perai, Penang.
Business Hours: 9 am to 11 pm on every Sunday to Thursday, 9 am to 12 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 604- 502 1631


  1. Great presentation! I want those prawns in the pumpkin shell.

  2. Interesting stuff, sure would love to try. The building made me think of Hansel & Gretel.

  3. I like the abundance of that Seafood Pasta de Pumpkin but on the other hand the beef stew looks very small in portion for that price.