Monday, November 6, 2017

Ko Cha Mee (古早面) @ Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang.

The name "Ko Cha Mee" brings evocative images as one would be able to link that to the delicacies we used to enjoy during earlier days. Housed in one of the corner business lots at Raja Uda, Ko Cha Mee is a noodle specialist that offers something similar to "Lam-Mee". For the uninitiated, Lam Mee is closely linked to Nyonya families and often served during birthday celebrations as the dish signifies  longevity; the flavorful broth is usually cooked with Prawns and Pork Ribs/ Chicken, complemented by a dash of home-made Sambal Belacan. Ko Cha Mee offers such a platform to savor the flavors of the past, but if you are looking for a variety, this is not a place for you as the small menu only specializes in noodles (with optional add-ons). Albeit the catchy name, we did not find the food outstanding nor worth the distance to travel all the way to Raja Uda; probably a regular Lam Mee in the neighborhood is on par with theirs.

Ko Cha Mee Soup (Rm 5.80/ large) with additional Fish Balls (Rm 1)

Dry Noodles (Rm 6.50/ large) with additional Fish Balls (Rm 1)

Diners have 2 choices- Soup or Dry, the former one is similar to the classic Lam Mee while the latter version seems to be dressed in dark Soy sauce. We found the Dry version fared better than the Soup variant. Though nothing special, the dish was more flavorful and worked better with the Sambal. A contrary to the flavorful broth of Lam Mee, Ko Cha Mee's rendition was basically bland and lacked of flavors. It was mildly seasoned and relied heavily on the Sambal. The fact that we ordered Large serving and were served a relatively small portion left us underwhelmed. 

Ice Blended Red Bean Milk (Rm 3.50) and Ice Blended Peanut Milk (Rm 3.50)

Taste: 6.5/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Service: 7/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Price: 7/10 (1-3 expensive, 4-7 average, 8-10 cheap)
Ambiance: 7/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Parking: 7/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No

Additional Information:
Address: No. 6, Pusat Perniagaan Raja Uda, Jalan Raja Uda, 12300, Butterworth, Penang.
Business Hours: 8 am to 4 pm. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 604- 323 2277


  1. Looks tasty Ken. Glad to hear you're safe.

  2. Lovely weather! How's the flood situation? Improving, I hope.