Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ramadhan Buffet Dinner- Sajian Dapur Nelayan @ Sunway Hotel Georgetown, Penang.

Looking for a decent place to break fast in this holy fasting month? Look out for the Ramadhan buffet spread at Sunway Georgetown Hotel. In conjunction with the Ramadhan month, Sunway Georgetown Hotel is offering their Ramadhan Buffet Dinner at unbeatable wallet-friendly prices with an array of authentic traditional fasting favorites and classic Malaysian delights. 

Ramadhan Buffet Dinner~ Sajian Dapur Nelayan:
Available on 29th May 2017 until 23 June 2017
From 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Rm 60 nett (adult); Rm 38 nett (children & senior citizen above 55 years old)

Hari Raya Buffet Lunch~ Bingkisan Aidilfitri:
Available on 25 June 2017
From 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm
Rm 60 nett (adult); Rm 38 nett (children & senior citizen above 55 years old)

Buah Kurma/ Dates


Deep Fried Salted Fish



Assorted Sambal

Kerabu Taugeh

Fruit Salad

Kerabu with Deep Fried Anchovies

Oxtail Stew

Bubur Lambuk

For a soft start to breaking fast, go for the starters featuring Pasembur, Ulam-Ulaman paired with various lip-smacking Sambal and spicy dips, classic Malay Salads and the quintessential Ramadhan must eat- Bubur Lambuk. Alternatively, the boiling hot Oxtail Stew is a comfortable option with satisfying tender meat to begin with.

Nasi Briyani

Curry Fish Head

Curry Chicken

Kurma Telur

Deep Fried Beancurd with sweet Curry sauce

Mixed Vegetables

Beef Rendang

Deep Fried Shrimps with sweet Curry sauce

Gulai Nangka

Stir Fried Mussels with Spices

Sambal Squid

Live Noodle Station and Grill Station

Curry lovers would be glad to know that Sun Cafe offers quite a variety of curry dishes for this festive season. Notable highlights include Sambal Squid, Beef Rendang, Curry Fish Head, Deep Fried Chicken and Shrimps, the perfectly spooned over rice Curry dishes are most suitable and appropriate for the occasion. Those with exotic palate can try the Gulai Nangka- unripe Nangka (Jackfruit) cooked in curry, the concoction carries slightly fruity-essence with a mellow sweetness. The variety is set to please diners of any age range.

Bubur Gandum

Ice Kacang station

Freshly cut Fruits

Chocolate Brownie

Pandan-layered Sponge Cake


Fruit Juice and flavored Drinks

While the after-meal sweet treats may not be too extensive, it covers both hot and cold offering. Guests have the flexibility to add on any toppings, including the Ice Cream right next to the counter. Otherwise, the warm Bubur Gandum will cheer your evening up. 

Additional Information:
Address: Sunway Biz Hotel, 33, New Lane (off Macalister Road), 10400, Georgetown, Penang.
Contact Number: 604- 229 9988


  1. Lovely spread of Malaysian delights!

  2. Must be close to half way through.

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