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The New Delicious Menu and "A Delicious Christmas" Specials by Delicious Group @ One Utama, Petaling Jaya.

With the holiday season fast approaching, you are probably looking for places for your annual meet ups and family gatherings. Delicious, one of the most renowned dessert-specialists in town celebrates Christmas in style by offering a few meticulously crafted timeless traditional Christmas dishes. In conjunction with the jolly season, Delicious is also launching a new A La Carte Menu... the list can be overwhelming, with 16 new and improved dishes that are true to the Delicious brand. Chef Steve, CEO of the Delicious Group, has recently returned from a research trip to Europe and found inspirations to enhance the group's existing menu. With a name like Delicious, the brand practically guarantees quality and tastiness; at Delicious, you will feel the young and vibrant vibe as well as a sense of neighborly from the expert service. Those with a sweet tooth would be glad to know there is a huge display counter featuring an array of their fresh bakes; some notable highlights are Chocolate, Coconut and Pecan Cake (Rm 14.50), Coconut Cake with Fresh Thai Coconut (Rm 13.50), Macadamia and Salted Caramel Cheesecake (Rm 15), Banoffee Pie (Rm 13.50), Lemon Meringue Pie (Rm 13.50) and Strawberry and Chocolate Pavlova (Rm 15).

Many Thanks to Delicious for hosting us that afternoon.

Roasted Turkey Breast & Stuffed Leg with Cranberries, Roasted Vegetables in Chili and Herbs (Rm 36.50)

Diners who hunt specifically for Roasted Turkey to justify the occasion will be happy to note that Delicious offers Roasted Turkey Breast with Stuffed Leg, served with a fruity touch of Cranberries and various sides. The breast was meaty but surprisingly tender and reasonably seasoned to the right spot. The Stuffed Leg was standard-average but it adds a great complement to the overall dish. The splash of Meat Juice and Cranberry Sauce was just nice to balance out the overall salinity, as well as to introduce a sleek but comforting sweetness.

Salmon Gravadlax with Walnut, Lemon and Horseradish Salad (Rm 18.50)

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Creamed Mushrooms, Asparagus and Roasted Vegetables (Rm 50)

If you would prefer to begin your meal with an appetizer, go for their Salmon Gravadlax; a light, refreshing start to the ensuing feast. Reasonably sliced and served with Mayonnaise-Lemon dressed Greens, paired with nutty Walnuts. 

For carnivores, their Grilled Beef Tenderloin is sure to please. A hefty piece of beautifully charred served accompanied by a wonderfully sharp Creamed Mushroom sauce and garnished with fresh Asparagus. The Beef was expertly done, though some of us thought it was a little overdone to their liking; customization to rareness is possible, just drop a line to the server and they will do the need. The key to this dish was the Cream sauce, which carried a hint of earthiness from the Mushrooms. Our only wish was to have more sauce served together with the dish. 

Mincemeat Crumble Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream (Rm 14.50)

Put a complete full stop to your Christmas feast by having one of the classic Christmas desserts- Mincemeat Crumble Pie but sharing is highly recommended. Often comes sweet, the Mincemeat Crumble Pie was quintessentially crumbly and we enjoyed the texture pretty much but the sweetness has past my sugar tolerance level; those with a sweet tooth may think otherwise nevertheless.

New A La Carte Menu

Hardcore fans of Delicious would be glad to know that there will be 16 new additions to Delicious' menu, replacing some old time favorites (though they will be available on special occasions). Some tasty highlights to note are:

Roasted Pumpkin, Coconut and Beef Serunding Salad in a Spicy Lime Dressing (Rm 26.50)

Crunchy Chicken Wing with Sesame and Seaweed Crust, Mustard Mayonnaise (Rm 18)

The Salad-freaks would be thrilled to know Delicious has come out with a playful, funky Salad dish that includes Pumpkin, Papaya and Beef Serunding. It caught us by surprise especially when the spicy meat floss was added to the crunchy greens; what's more with the soft-squashy Papaya and Pumpkin. We thought it was a good attempt and may suit those who in favor to Papaya and Pumpkin.

Crunchy Chicken Wings on the other hand, did not manage to wow us. The Wings were crumbed with Seaweed Crust and deep fried till perfection. It was crunchy but the Seaweed flavor did not stand out, as though we were having an ordinary Fried Chicken Wings. Extra pinch of Salt may add some marks to the dish. The Mustard Mayonnaise dip was alright but we thought the wow factor was weak in this dish.

Pumpkin Risotto Balls with Mushroom and Rosemary Risotto Balls with Pesto Mayonnaise (Rm 13.50)

Not a fan of the mushy, slimy Risotto? No worries, Delicious transformed the creamy concoction into a crispy, crunchy sphere. The Risotto Balls had a crispy texture, a contrary to the soft-creamy inner filling. It was good on its own but even better to go with their spiced Pesto Mayonnaise for the additional twist. Sharing is recommended for this dish. 

Duck Arrabiata Linguine in Spicy Tomato Sauce with Black Olives, Capers and Parsley (Rm 29.50)

We were delightfully surprised by the hearty portion of their Arrabiata, jeweled with copious amount of Duck meat. We liked the acidic tilt, we thought it was a wonderful element to be paired with Duck meat but we would prefer the Spiciness to be bolder. Also, we thought it may be better to have the Duck meat in chunks instead of thin slices. Some fine-tuning is required for this dish.

Chicken, Avocado and Pine Nuts Wrap with Cherry Tomatoes, Parmesan and Cucumber (Rm 28)

The feast continues with a healthy wrap with Chicken, Avocado and Pine Nuts; the flavor was well-balanced- creamy, salty and absolutely delicious with the generous amount of crunchy greens. The additional touch of nutty Pine Nuts added another layer of dimension to the dish. As light as a snack but as hearty as a meal.

Pineapple, Watermelon, Passionfruit and Lychee Sundae (Rm 16)

Apple and Mint Lemonade (Rm 13.50) and Rose Lychee Frostie (Rm 12.50)

Chef Steve Allen (CEO of Delicious Group/ Right) and his Team

Additional Information:
Prices shown are nett (inclusive of GST and Service Charge)
Address: Lot G316, Ground Floor of One Utama Shopping Centre, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Business Hours: 11 am to 10 pm. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: 603- 7724 1086

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