Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Evening Organic Farmers Market @ Straits Quay, Penang.

Sourcing organic produce is a daunting task, especially in Penang but with the aid of Evening Organic Farmers Market, it is so much easier. The aforesaid Evening Organic Farmers Market takes place at Straits Quay on every 3rd Sunday of the month. The Farmers Market has been running for many months and has since, drawn the attention of the health-concerned group. Many believe that not only organic produce tastes better but it carries many health benefits as well. They are free from pesticides, harmful chemicals and said to carry more nutrients than the usual commercial produce. There will be more than 8 organic farmers participating in the Farmers Market each round (subject to their own schedule); not only span across Penang Island (places like Batu Ferringhi, Balik Pulau, Relau etc) but mainland as well. This is a great opportunity to pick up fresh local organic produce and have a chat with the farmers themselves. The Evening Organic Farmers Market is set to happen on 20 December 2015, from 4 pm to 7pm,  right in front of Real Food at Straits Quay.

*Disclaimer: Below photos were taken on 15 November 2015; Actual event on 20 December 2015 may be different*

Various Home-made Enzymes

Butterfly Pea Tea

Noni Fruit (Good to Fight Against Cancer)

Fresh Sweet Corns from Audi Farm at Balik Pulau

Organic Free Range Chicken Eggs

Fresh Local Produce

Every organic farmer here has his/her own stories to share with you- some are experts in health while some, of course, could give you tips in farming or planting certain types of plants. Visits to their farms can be arranged, so if you are keen in exploring such opportunity, this is a good platform. 

Chewy-fluffy Organic Sourdough Bread

Organic home-made Glutinous Rice Balls

Nasi Kerabu

Organic Vegan Ice Cream by Real Food

Carver's Home-made Nut Butters

Prepare to load your tummy with plenty of home-made delicacies; at the other corner of the organic farmers market, there will be quite a few stalls selling home-made food as well as some promoting local brands. Peanut Butter devotees should not be new to the brand Carver's; available at many places (Occupy Beach Street just to name one) across the state, Carver's is known to produce delicate, healthy (sugar-free and preservative-free). Those with a deep pocket could even go for the premium nut (such as Cashew Nuts or Pistachio) butter. The Nut Butter is rich and thick in both flavor and texture; a good alternative to the commercialized brands. In case you are wondering, Peanut Butter would cost Rm 14/ bottle while Almond is Rm 23/ bottle and Cashew Butter is Rm 20/ bottle.

If you would show some support to the humble local brand, give them a like on their Facebook Page.

Also not to be missed will be Natural Food Lab, a local brand that sells raw and unprocessed honey with active enzymes. Not only that the aforementioned Wild Active Enzyme Honey promotes many health benefits but it is believed to for provide immediate relieve for sore throat and cough as well. It is also said to be packed with myriad of natural anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. But why is their honey different? Accordingly, they harvest the honey from wild rain forest in Malaysia and ensure that the honey does not go through any value-added heating beyond the usual hive temperature (heating destroys all the enzymes).

Interestingly, the brand is also good in packaging. You may even buy them in small packaging and give them away as gifts or souvenirs. Customization is possible and they will charge accordingly. If you wish to try it out, meet them at the Organic Farmers Market this weekend (20 December 2015) at Straits Quay; contact them at rawhoney@naturalfoodlab.com (or +6012- 681 2268) otherwise.

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