Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Real Food (真食) @ Straits Quay, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.

Holding on the belief of eat clean, live healthy; the team behind Real Food hopes to establish an amiable, community-based vegetarian hub that seeks to introduce meatless dishes using culinary techniques around the globe utilizing local organic and sustainable produce, carefully sourced from local farmers. Organic produces are uncommon and expensive to source, especially in Penang but the very passionate restaurateurs of Real Food managed to find a few good ones in Penang... to reduce carbon footprints, they have been working hard find local Penang suppliers but due to scarcity, they had to source from other states in Malaysia; all in all, more than 80% of their raw ingredients are sourced locally (Malaysia). They believe in eating "real" food- real and slowly cooked food but not processed fast food. On the menu, Real Food has a vast variety to offer that spans both Asia's and Western's Vegetarian offerings, featuring plenty of meat-less delicate dishes; vegan options are available too (kindly inform the server before placing your orders).

The homey ambiance of this lovely and intimate space should not be forsaken too, though the seating might not be as comfortable as some cafes- all decked out in a wooden beam with some colorful elements and bathed in warm-yellow overhead lighting. Prices may be a little steep but they commensurate with top-notch quality and freshest organic produce. Find Real Food at a prominent corner of Ground Floor, Straits Quay (beside the concierge). 

Many Thanks to Real Food for hosting us that afternoon.

Fans of dumplings should go for their Steamed Dumplings (Rm 17/ 8 pieces), a guilt-free choice that consists of finely diced Carrots, Celery, Coriander, Jicama, French Beans, Bean Curd and Mushrooms, served with a Mushroom-infused Soy Sauce. The Dumpling skin was thin and did not overshadow the natural flavors of the filling. The vegetables were still crunchy and a sleek of the vegetable-sweetness can still be discerned. While some may think that they are under seasoned, we thought that one requires trained taste buds to appreciate the dish (and probably the health-concerned too).

Lentil (Quinoa) Croquette Burger (Rm 30)

Real Food's Lentil Croquette Burger defies the conventional way of serving Vegetarian Burger. The patty is unusually genial with Quinoa, Potatoes and Lentils; breaded with crispy crumbs, served atop of Tomato Puree and sandwiched with a soft-fluffy bun. The dish is also served with a side of crunchy Greens, dressed with the simple but healthy Olive Oil-Lemon dressing. The meatless burger is hearty enough to please gluttonous omnivores. We expected the texture to be rough but we were once again, proven wrong. The outer layer was crusty and most toothsome, with a soft and mushy inner filling. It was lightly seasoned and in-line with the healthy concept that the brand wishes to instill. 

Another polished item by Real Food will be their Organic Pizza (Rm 29) which comes in two different flavors- Basil Pesto and Tomato Sauce; topped with Japanese Cucumbers and Oyster Mushrooms, garnished with Basil Leaves. It sure sounds deceivingly simple but the flavors were promising. The crust was thin and easy to be accepted by all age range. If I must choose... I thought the side spread with Tomato sauce has a slight edge over the other.

You will want to save some room for desserts as their Original Banana Pancake (Rm 20) is worth taking up your quota. The batter will be first beaten up to an airy state and pan fry till perfection. It was absolutely lip-smacking! The soft and fluffy Pancakes were good on their own but even better with the addition of Agave Nectar, a diabetes-friendly sweetener in lieu of Maple Syrup or Honey. As light as a brunch item or as pleasing and contenting as a meal-ender. 

Beetroot and Apple Juice (Rm 17)

Mixed Green Juice (consists of 4 types of Greens/ Rm 17)

Dehydrated Fruit Chips (80 grams for Rm 26.50)

"Healthy by Chocolate" (Rm 14)

Additional Information:
Service Charge: No
GST: No (Prices shown are GST-inclusive)
Address: 3A-G-3D, Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, 10470, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
Business Hours: 10 am to 10 pm. Opens daily.
Contact Number: 604- 890 8295

Map of Straits Quay Marina Mall

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