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Daily Buffet Dinner @ 59 Sixty, KOMTAR, Georgetown, Penang.

Relish an exquisite dining experience at 59 Sixty, a relaxed urban restaurant perched dramatically above the iconic building of Penang- KOMTAR (Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak) in the heart of the city. Enjoy your meal amidst the scenic view and stunning vistas of the isle of Penang; take in flavors of local specialties and a vast selection of Japanese, Middle Eastern, Nyonya, Western and Hong Kong-influenced dishes showcasing through the extensive buffet stations. Diners can also walk around the restaurant scouting for their pick as well as to enjoy the 360 degree panoramic city views. There are different themes as to the decorations of the seating- some with simple and unnecessary frills; some meant for couples in love while some are for family occasions. 

While 59 Sixty has been receiving unfavorable comments since its opening earlier this year, many changes have been made, including a new management team headed by executive Chef, Chef Jason H. The culinary team consists of a vast background of Chefs that specializes in churning out different International dishes; expect to see more than 100 dishes available in their buffet spread. 

About 59 Sixty's Buffet themes:

1) Weekday Lunch Buffet
Price: Rm 88 nett per pax
Time: 12 pm to 2:30 pm

2) Weekend Brunch Buffet
Price: Rm 98 nett per pax
Time: 11:30 am to 3:30 pm

3)  Daily Buffet Dinner
Price: Rm 168 nett per pax
Time: 6:30 pm to 10 pm.

Chicken Char Siew/ Barbecue Chicken

Chicken Cold Cut

Tuna Tataki Sushi

Tuna Tataki

Smoked Salmon

Seafood On Ice- Slipper Lobsters/ Oysters/ Shrimps/ Scallops/ Scampi/ Crabs

Start your meal with their ample choices of Seafood On Ice and delights from the Sushi Bar; Oysters may be the favorite choice of many but we would recommend their Scampi... most succulent and toothsome but not all were fresh; eat with caution and care. For cold-cuts and Salad, there will be alluring display awaits you. We fall in love with their Beef Salad, though slightly rough in texture but everything was reasonably seasoned to the right dot, so delicious that we had to help ourselves with second and third helping. Other note-worthy light bites include various Sushi, Tempura, Soup of the Day and Appetizers.

Grilled Sausages

Pasta Station

Roasted Potatoes with Herbs

Lamb Patty

A conglomeration of Grilled Meat- Beef/ Lamb/ Chicken/ Fish and Satay (Beef/ Chicken)

Roasted Poultry- Roasted Duck/ Chicken/ Barbecue Chicken and Blanched Chicken

Plenty of dishes to try with such limited tummy space... but we would recommend one to start with their Grilling Station first. Diners get to choose a vast selection of Roasted meat here, Beef or Lamb might be a wise choice but their Satay should not be forsaken too. We'd prefer their Beef Satay over Chicken Satay, we thought their Beef Satay was well-spiced to the right spot while the Chicken Satay was a tad too dry to our liking. Right next to the Grilling Station is Pasta Station and a huge Stall displaying a variety of Roasted Poultry. We skipped the Pasta Station and proceeded straight to the Roasted Poultry. We enjoyed their Roasted Duck with home-made tangy Chili sauce, succulent and most toothsome but we'll vote the Blanched Chicken out though. Another highlight of the buffet will be their Crabs; there are 4 types of sauces to choose from- Cheese, Chili, Black Pepper or Tom Yum; of course, you may have your Crabs steamed as well. We had their Chili Crab on our visit, freshly slaughtered and cooked on the spot. The sauce was sweet and beautifully presented with a splash of Egg, served with piping hot Steamed Man Tao. We did not expect to taste such top-notch quality here as most Buffets in town aced in selection but not in quality. If there's one thing you must try here at 59 Sixty, it must be their Chili Crabs... I am sure it would not disappoint. 

Chocolate Fountain with various Condiments

Petite Cakes and Pastries

Bread and Butter Pudding

Carrot Cakes

Cheese Cakes

Fried Ice Cream

Dessert lovers will be spoilt for choices here at 59 Sixty, not only that one would be able to find the usual dessert spread at most hotels... featuring artisan Cakes and Pastries but 59 Sixty takes it a step further by offering Fried Ice Cream. Their concoction of Milk and Cream for the Fried Ice Cream was just perfect, we unanimously agreed that this could be the best Fried Ice Cream offered in Penang. It was expertly sweetened to the right dot with a delightful fruity touch added. Their Bread and Butter Pudding as well as Cheese Cakes were equally praise-worthy. The former one possessed a strong milky-buttery flavor and scored well together with their sweetened Vanilla sauce; the latter one hits the right spot with its cheesy flavor. We washed everything down with a cup of Black. Other dessert to look for include Creme Brulee (freshly torched for you).

Guest Chef from Taiwan- Chef Chiu Ching Tse

Taiwanese Steamed Yam Cake with Cherry Blossom Shrimp

A guest Chef, Chef Chiu was in town for few days due to a cooking demonstration at Good Life Expo by Kerson Media at Straits Quay. Chef Chiu was also invited to 59 Sixty for a simple demonstration on a traditional Taiwanese Steamed Yam Cake jeweled with Cherry Blossom Shrimp (樱花虾). It was not hard... but it requires a lot of effort. In case you are interested... there are two steps you need to do. First, the julienned the Yam into fine strips and to place them on a steamer to steam (with Sugar and Sweet Potato Starch added). Meanwhile, prepare chopped Shallots, sliced Dried Shitake Mushrooms (soften and soaked in water), chopped Spring Onions, Deep Fried Garlic bits and Cherry Blossom Shrimp. Deep Fry the Shrimp, Shitake Mushrooms and Shallots; let them sit aside. Next, stir fry Spring Onions and Garlic bits; toss in the Deep Fried Shrimp, Mushrooms and Shallots... mix all of them and add Rice Wine, Sugar, Soy Sauce to taste and finish with a dash of Sesame Oil. Lastly, top all these Stir Fried goodies atop of the half-done Steamed Yam Cake. A close relative to our Yam Cake but with more premium ingredients and finer touch; often served for occasions (such as Chinese New Year). 

Chef Jason H. (Executive Chef of 59 Sixty)

Additional Information:
Pork-Free (awaiting for Halal license)
Service Charge: Yes unless stated Nett
Address: Level 59 & 60, KOMTAR, Jalan Penang, 10000, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 12 pm to 10 pm. Opens Daily.
Contact Number: +604- 262 5960
Reservation Email:
59 Sixty Facebook Page

Map of komtar penang

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