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Festival of Seafood Buffet Dinner @ Tamarind Brasserie, Parkroyal Penang Resort.

Be spoilt for choices at Tamarind Brasserie's "Festival of Seafood Buffet Dinner" (of Parkroyal Penang Resort) as the buffet will be teeming with an amazing variety of Seafood, Grills, Desserts, Western and Oriental dishes. The restaurant is located by the waters at one end of resort and the restaurant is surrounded by enchanting garden with flora which exudes a relaxing and exquisite ambiance. It could be a little humid during hotter days but the resort offers a better way to experience the beauty and the nature of tropical paradise. Tamarind Brasserie is fabled for its Seafood Buffet and to celebrate the ending of another wonderful year, the restaurant offers a promotion on its "Festival of Seafood Buffet Dinner".

Festival of Seafood Buffet Dinner
Price: Rm 118++ (Adults), Rm 38++ (Children). Promotion is available until year end. Normal price will be Rm 135++ per adult.
Time: 6: 30 pm to 10: 30 pm on every Saturday.
For enquiries or booking, contact 604- 881 1133

Many Thanks to Parkroyal Penang Resort for hosting us that evening.

 Rock Oysters on Ice

 Salmon Sashimi on Ice

Chilled Poached Shell Scallops

A heaven for seafood lovers as they get to sate their cravings here with a myriad of fresh and succulent Seafood- freshly shucked Oysters, voluptuous Scallops, appropriately sliced Sashimi, protein-rich Unagi. Scallops could be a usual fare at Seafood-themed buffet but definitely not as huge as these; lightly squeeze some tangy Lemon Juice over the Scallop and the seafood-sweetness with slight-resilient texture will speak for itself.

 Home-made Rolls and rustic Loaves

 Steamed Dim Sum

Tossed Cherry Tomatoes with Buffalo Mozzarella

Cheese Platter with Condiments

 Oyster Rolls in Chinese Sauce

 Boneless Chicken with Nyonya Sauce

Baked Salmon in Puff Pastry

Plethora of appetizers available; diners can expect a wide variety of Soup, Cold Cuts, Fresh Greens in the buffet spread. While I was not impressed with every dish here but I was particularly in love with the Baked Salmon, nevermind on the slightly soggy pastry skin but the fish itself was toothsome; lightly seasoned without unnecessary frills, simple but delectable. Other appetizers available were Caesar Salad, Coleslaw, Chick Peas and Smoked Chicken Breast Salad, Lobster Bisque etc.

 Fish Fillet Curry Kapitan

 Barbecued White Cuttlefish

 Seafood Thermidor

 Sea Cucumber and Dup Mushrooms with Scallops

 Ox-Tail Rendang

 Mutton Kurma

 Barbecued Doper Lamb Rack

 Barbecued White Prawns

 Pan Fried Cod Steaks with Almond Pesto Sauce

 Poached Tiger Prawns in Herbal Soup

Pan Fried Fin Light Ginger Sauce

Both Western and Oriental dishes are available in the buffet spread; Mutton Kurma and Ox-Tail Rendang were brilliant, good enough to thrill those with stubborn local palate. The meats were tender with robust flavors but the Lamb Rack stole the spotlight of the evening. The cut I had was nicely grilled to perfection, tender while maintaining the succulent-juicy bite. We were also pleased with the absence of the gamey smell of Lamb; works divinely with a dollop of Mint Jelly and Mustard. Fish lovers would not want to miss their Fish Fillet Kapitan, though slightly dry in texture but the pristine white yet firm flesh with flavorsome curry sauce will leave you wanting for more. Other mains that you can expect to see in the buffet spread are Oven Baked Lobsters with Sarawak Pepper Sauce, Pasta with Carbonara Sauce, Stone Crab Masala, Steamed Dhall Rice etc.

 One of the few types of Eggless Cakes

 Swiss Rolls

 Scones with Fruit Jam

Chocolate Fountain (with assorted condiments available)

 Freshly-made Waffles with Condiments


 Raspberry Cheese Cake

Selection of Mixed Fruits

The perfect way to end a sumptuous meal- desserts. Profiteroles left me with the deepest impression, creamily soft with sweet chocolaty coating. Equally good was Raspberry Cheese Cake, velvety smooth, cheesy with a sleek of sweetness and a touch of fruity Raspberry flavor. It excites us like children when we noticed the action stall of making Waffles; however, the Waffles were disappointingly average. They did not manage to get the texture right, though the condiments did manage to salvage some scores. Other desserts available were Tiramisu, Orange Meringue Pie, Paris Brest, Pina Colada, Flan Napolitana, Orange Brulee, Apple Turn Over, free flow of Gelato Ice Cream etc. A selection of Eggless Desserts will be made available too.

Additional Information:
Halal Kitchen with Pork-Free restaurant
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Government Tax: Yes 6%
Address: Batu Ferringhi Beach, 11100, Penang.
Contact Number: 604- 881 1133

Map of PARKROYAL Penang Resort

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