Monday, September 29, 2014

Parisian Cafe Time @ Sarkies Corner, Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang.

Having a light breakfast in a five-star hotel is no longer a dream and it does not cost an arm or leg. You may now spend some quality time in a colonial-styled cafe with a perfect ambiance and impeccable service (from the servers) while enjoying their luscious range of pastries and freshly brewed coffee without putting a dent on your wallet. The "Parisian Cafe Time" promotion is available from 29th of September 2014; from 10 am to 12 pm; daily. 

Many Thanks to E&O Hotel Penang for hosting us that morning. 

For Rm 18++ per person, one gets to choose:
  • A mug of Black Coffee or Tea with TWO choices of Bakery Items.
  • Selection of Tea includes Earl Grey Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Camomile Tea or Jasmine Tea.
  • Choice of Bakery Items available- Croissant, Green Tea Croissant, Pain Au Chocolate or Breakfast Danish.

Green Tea Croissant

Pain Au Chocolate

Breakfast Danish

Good food always delight our days and a good breakfast is especially important to kick start the day. We glad we had ours that morning; their Green Tea Croissant was lip-smacking! It was flaky, crunchy with a mellow delicate green tea flavor gradually kicks in. Just good enough on its own but additional butter and jam can be provided to you upon request. Equally toothsome was the Breakfast Danish, perfectly crafted puff stuffed with velvety smooth Custard Cream and jeweled with glazed Fruits. The sweetness was perfectly calibrated; flaky, crunchy, creamily smooth with sweet and sour burst of juices from the fruits. I can't think of any reasons for not loving it. Pain Au Chocolate, on the other hand, paled when in comparison with the aforementioned items. It was flaky with a generous amount of Chocolate oozing out but the overall taste did not stand out; pretty standard-average. A good choice for chocolate lovers nevertheless. 

Maize Bread (Rm 12++)

Pistachio Blueberry Mousse (Rm 12++)

Chocolate Dome (Rm 12++)

Sour Dough (Rm 12++)

Green Tea Tiramisu (Rm 12++)

A wide variety of pastries, bread and cakes are available at the bakery (of Sarkies Corner). The bakery items are freshly baked everyday to ensure quality and freshness. A 50% promotion is available on any purchases of the bakery items after 6 pm (subject to availability, kindly inquire within). 

Additional Information:
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Government Tax: Yes 6%
Address: 10, Lebuh Farquhar, Georgetown, Penang.
Contact: 604- 222 2000

Map of Eastern and Oriental

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