Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Harvest Wok (聚餐馆) @ Moulmein Road, Pulau Tikus, Penang.

Tuck away from the bustling streets of Pulau Tikus, there's this humble little restaurant that is rather obscure to most people due to its location. Over the years, Harvest Wok has gathered quite an impressive amount of regular patrons which come back to the place repeating some of their favorite orders since then. Situated at Moulmein Road, right opposite to the old car park of Pulau Tikus market, Harvest Wok serves hearty home cooked dishes. The restaurateur- Kimberly, is a very passionate cook which hopes to preserve the tastes and flavors cooked by her grandmother. One can find some really hearty and meticulously prepared Chinese Traditional Soup here in Harvest Wok, along with some quick Stir Fry dishes. Prices are reasonably priced and Kimberly provides some really extra-ordinary services as though she remembers most of her regulars' preferences and tastes. 

Soup is must-try item in Harvest Wok, there are more than 20 types of soup available daily but most of them come with limited quantity. This Apple & Pumpkin with Chicken (Rm 4.80) is one of their top-seller and Kimberly only prepares 12 bowls of the soup everyday. This delicate yet refreshing soup is something shall not be missed during a warm and hazy weather. You will be surprised by how Apple and Pumpkin work together and the best part was, the soup was reasonably flavored, not salty nor bland at all. Just the way I like it to be. 

Herbal Yang Sheng Chicken Soup (Rm 4.80) is something that you like it if you are a fan of a Herbal Root as the flavor was rather strong and the soup was actually bitter in taste. I would prefer the Apple & Pumpkin Chicken Soup over this personally.

Steamed Fish with Crispy Garlic & Pickled Radish (Rm 18/ market price for the fish). I caught in a whiff of the Garlic aroma when they served the dish to us, I love the generous amount of chopped Garlic added onto the dish, along with some Pickled Radish as well as some Sugar to give the extra crispness. The fish was very fresh and well complemented with the crisply Deep Fried Garlic and Pickled Radish although the dish was slightly oilier to my liking. It would be ideal if they could add in some chopped Bird's Eye Chilies to give the extra kick but I was later told by Kimberly that some regular customers do ask for that and she can prepares the dish in that way for them. 

Deep Fried Marmite Chicken was not on the menu, the Chicken cubes were crunchy and perfectly coated with Marmite although slightly salty on its own. You can't literally tell that's Chicken as it was too crispy and crunchy as though you bite no meat. Nevertheless, it was a good dish to go with the rice.

Dark Sauce Pork (Rm 10.50) or commonly known as Tau Yu Bak in Hokkien; this is a commonly found dish in Penang. It comes with some Deep Fried Tofu, Pork, as well as Braised Egg. While the sauce was too thick to my liking, I did not enjoy the Tofu either, as the flavors weren't being fully absorbed and it was rather bland. On the other hand, the Braised Egg was fine but nothing too special to shout over. Not a fan of this dish overall.

Steamed Ladies Fingers (Rm 6.50), customers may opt for Chinese Bean Paste/ Dou Ban Jiang or their home-made Sambal Belacan. We had this Steamed Ladies Fingers with Dou Ban Jiang instead, some Lime Juice and chopped Bird's Eye Chilies were added but unfortunately, the dish was way too salty. I would personally prefer Sambal Belacan for the pulsating flavors. Simple yet tasty. 

Kimberly, the lady owner of Harvest Wok, a very friendly person to talk with and she's very passionate in cooking. She even shared some of her recipes to us. Thanks Kimberly for all the wonderful dishes. 

Additional Information:
Address: 48, Jalan Moulmein, 10350, Pulau Tikus, Penang.
Business Hour: 11am to 3pm; 6pm to 10pm. Closed on every Tuesday.
Contact Number: 604- 226 3482

Jalan Moulmein, Taman Pulau Pinang, 10350 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

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