Friday, November 18, 2011

Full House Lifestyle Store & Cafe @ Times Square, Penang.

"Home is where the heart is" - Quoted from Full House Lifestyle Store & Cafe's Facebook Page. Full house Cafe strives to create the "home" feeling to its customers where customers' comfort is being placed at first place. At present, Full House has roughly 7 outlets nation-wide. Recently, Full House is extending their business to Penang and has opened their 7th outlet in Times Square, Penang. Full House is definitely the place for you to hang out or chill out with friends and family thanks to their cozy ambiance. They do serve some fusion delights and cakes, tho they are rather pricey (considering the fact that there are service charge and government tax) but they are indeed, a very suitable place for the above events. Other than that, they do cater for functions/meetings on their second floor in the Times Square outlet, where they have a private function room for their customers. Other than that, similarly to other outlets, Full House has some fashion-related souvenirs/outfits for sale, they even have a hair saloon too, but the saloon is only available upon appointments with the management. Anyway, we had our awesome afternoon tea session at Full House and I have yet to try on their main course.

Honey Lemon With Aloe Vera (Rm5.90) on left and Soda Red Apple Peppermint with Passion Fruit Pop (Rm6.90) on right. The honey lemon with aloe vera sounds normal to me and it tasted quite sour to my liking. As for the soda red apple peppermint with passion fruit pop, it was more to the sour side as well but the fizzy soda complemented well with the sourness. The passion fruit pop was very special, its a pearl-like object that contains passion fruit flavored syrup. Upon chewing, the syrup oozes out and slowly melts in your mouth. Recommended.

Lemon Grape Blended (Rm6.90). The ice blended drink was very sour in my opinion. It would be ideal to go with some desserts or cakes. Otherwise, it would be too sour and dull to drink it solely. 

Soda Bllueberry Peppermint With Sour Plum Pop (Rm6.90) dark green in color and Honey Green Tea Milk (Rm5.90) with milky color. The blue berry peppermint with sourplum pop was quite close to the soda red apple peppermint, both were quite sour in taste but worked well with the fizzy soda. The honey green tea is definitely something you do not want to miss. The drink was not sweet at all and the flavor of green tea remained strong enough to complement with the milk. The pearls were usual but its definitely something for the "health-conscious".

We had chosen the promotional package, which was to choose any 3 desserts from the 6 choices at Rm29.90. Customers are entitled to choose between Tiramisu, Creme Brulee, Chocolate Cup, Chocolate Brownies, Profiteros (custard cream puff with chocolate syrup) and Strawberry Cheese Cake. I strongly recommend my readers to go for the Any-3-desserts-for-Rm29.90 as the desserts are rather pricey as ala-carte.

Black Forest Chocolate Cup (Original Price - Rm13.90), the black current syrup has no effect on the chocolate cup in my opinion. The chocolate flavor was strong enough to cover the black current flavor. The creamy and rich chocolate was more to the sweeter side and its definitely not my "cup" of chocolate. It suits girls well I supposed.

Tiramisu (Original Price - Rm 14.90) comes in a rather huge portion, the tiramisu has an very even sprinkle of chocolate powder. The soft and cheesy texture possessed a very strong coffee flavor. Good for coffee lovers.

Creme Brulee (Original Price - Rm10.90). A perfect creme brulee should have a very smooth, rich and creamy custard-texture and has a contrary texture of well-charred and crispy caramel on top of the creme brulee. Although the fragrant aroma of the custard was rather strong but the inner texture of the creme brulee was something out of my expectation. It was somewhat dry rather having the moist and creamy texture.

Their PetitFour, 1 piece - Rm2.50, 6 pieces - Rm15 and 12 pieces Rm24. I did not try the cakes out but looking at the varieties offered. I will definitely come back to grab some if I am having some events going on....

Different kinds of unique and special souvenirs but sadly, they are very expensive....

Taste: 6.5/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 7-10 good)
Price: 5/10 (1-3 expensive, 4-7 average, 7-10 cheap)
Service: 7/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 7-10 cheap)
Parking: 8/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 7-10 cheap)
Service Charge: Yes 10%
Government Tax: Yes 6%

Additional Information:
Address: 77-G-20,21,22,61,62,63,64,65, Penang Times Square, Dato Keramat Road. (Same row as Maybank and facing Jalan Dato Keramat).
Business Hour: Mon - Sun, 12pm to 12am (last order at 11pm).
Contact Number: 604- 226 0340
Full House Lifestyle Store and Cafe Facebook Page


  1. this new outlet has successfully created hype among my (girl)friends! not so muchy for me though, cos i have been to one in PJ. hehe

    have never tried their desserts. must try next time!

  2. Yea, probably due to the interior design, i never liked it too, but was dragged by my (female) friends to try on their dessert. And yea, their desserts are pretty good but they are very pricey too =(