Saturday, October 8, 2011

Soya Soya Cafe @ Prangin Mall, Penang.

Craving for a bowl of icy cold Soya Bean Curd Pudding after some tiring shopping ? Bored of the usual way of having Soya Pudding and hoping for something special ? Well, you can find all of them here in Soya Soya Cafe. Soya Soya Cafe is located on 2nd floor of Prangin Mall. It specializes in serving soya pudding and desserts. What makes them special are the flavors of the soya pudding offered and the fancy and flavorful toppings. They have a total of 8 types of flavors for their soya pudding, namely the normal soya pudding, pandan soya pudding, sweet corn soya pudding, carrot soya pudding, coffee soya pudding, chocolate soya pudding, black sesame soya pudding and almond soya pudding. Moreover, they have 3 types of sugar syrup for one to choose to go with the soya pudding--Brown sugar, Usual sugar syrup and Jasmine flavor. 

Soya Soya Cafe has 2 outlets in Penang, one being situated in Gurney Plaza and the other in Prangin Mall. I was told that the prices for the 2 outlets are totally different due to the rental. The outlet in Gurney Plaza could be a bit pricier compared to the one in Prangin Mall.

There are a lot of combinations for the toppings, one can even top a scoop of ice cream on their soya pudding. Examples for their selection of toppings are: ginko seed, ice cream, aloe vera, longan, rambutan, Nata De Coco, jelly, jack-fruits etc......

Black Sesame Soya Pudding + Mix Fruits + Nata De Coco (Rm6). The black sesame flavor was quite strong but the soya pudding itself was rather tasteless. It relies on the sweetness of the mix fruits and Nata De Coco. It makes a good combination in terms of the texture and flavor. You can even ask for more sugar syrup to be added in if you feel that the soya pudding is not sweet enough. As for the no-toppings, plain soya pudding, they are priced at Rm3.50 each.

Chocolate flavored Soya Pudding + Mix Pearl (Sago Balls) + Ice Cream (chocolate flavor) (Rm6). There are 3 types of ice cream for you to choose upon as well--Vanila, Chocolate and Yam. The pearls (sago balls) were totally tasteless, they have to complement with the ice cream/sugar syrup. As for the  chocolate flavored soya pudding, the taste was quite strong either, probably due to the chocolate ice cream as well.  Good for chocolate lovers.

Carrot flavored Soya Pudding + Jack-fruit + Aloe Vera (Rm7). The health benefits of Aloe Vera are getting its attention nowadays, but I think it was a brilliant idea to include Aloe Vera into soya pudding. The Aloe Vera itself is a bit crunchy in nature so it works perfectly with the smooth and soft soya pudding. The jack fruit has significant effect as well, it sort of increased the flavor of the pudding, making it to a higher level. However, the carrot flavor of the soya pudding itself was rather disappointing. The flavor does not seem to be as heavy as I thought it would be.

The Jelly Plate (Rm 3.50 for 4) was presented in a cute manner where 2 different kinds of cartoon characters (Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty) were lined up and topped with some sago balls. The taste was just okay, it was not too sweet but the flavor was not impressive either. One thing I find it amusing was the name of these cartoon characters, they named them Mickey + Kitty.

Taste: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 6.5/10
Parking: 7.5/10
Government Tax: No
Service Charge: No

Additional Information:
Address (for Prangin Mall outlet): 33-2-83, Prangin Mall, Penang.
Address (for Gurney Plaza outlet): 170-B1-36B, Plaza Gurney, Penang.
Phone Number: 013- 456 6780 (for Prangin Mall) / 019- 282 7692 (for Gurney Plaza)
Business Hour: 1pm - 9pm. Closed on every Thursday.

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