Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Old Street Taiwanese Delicacies (台湾风味街头小吃) @ 8-Row (Krian Road), Penang.

If you are a fan of Taiwanese Delicacies, then you must not miss this place !! Old Street Taiwanese Delicacies is operated by a truly Taiwanese lady together with her husband who have been studying in Taiwan for many years ! Strive to serve authentic and quality Taiwanese Delicacies, the choices could be pretty limited but in order to achieve better controls, they chose not to offer too many variety instead. They even chose to produce handmade noodles instead of using those common and unappealing noodles. We were told by the friendly owner that he wishes to introduce beef noodles with their springy noodles in future too. Parking can be pretty easy as there are sufficient parking spaces right in front of this restaurant. 

Other than the written menu, they have listed some of their menu right above their counter which could be very good for decoration purposes too. By doing so, it does create the traditional kind of feeling.

Well Iced Pearl Milk Tea (珍珠奶茶,Rm 5.80) is a rather famous drink in Taiwan, it gains its popularity and being accepted easily by Malaysian due to the strong milk tea flavor and the chewy "pearls". The price was rather high and the size was just okay. 

Papaya Milk Shake (木瓜牛奶,Rm 4.80) The papaya flavor was very strong and the sweetness and thickness of the drink were just right. No pearls were given in this drink tho, just papaya milk shake itself.

Old Street Dried Noodles (老街干面,Rm 6.80) One shall never missed their handmade noodles. The noodles were extraordinarily springy and a scoop of flavored meat (more like being stir fried with soya sauce) will be topped on top of the noodles. The taste was decent overall but the texture was just perfect. 

Similar to Old Street Dried Noodles, this is their Spicy Hot Dried Noodles (香辣手工面,Rm 8.90). The noodles used on this were much the much fatter version and surprisingly, the texture was even better than the previous one. As the name suggested, the noodles were spicy but one can opt to choose the level of spiciness, simply tell the waiters/waitresses when taking orders. Those being placed on top of the noodles were pork, being stir fried with some bean paste and some chilies were added just to spice up the whole thing. Recommended.

Sesame Paste Noodles (麻酱面,Rm 8.90) The sesame paste was not as good as I thought it will be. The texture was on the rough side and the overall dish was rather tasteless. Drizzles of vinegar could be better. It was overall not a bad experience if you have not tried such special noodles before.

This Three Cup Chicken (三杯鸡,Rm 10.90) comes in a set with a bowl of white rice. You will immediately smell the aroma when the dish is being served. The three cups are referring to a cup of sesame oil, a cup of soya sauce, and a cup of alcohol. Other than these 3 main ingredients, the soul ingredient for this dish is basil leaves. When all of these combined, the aroma will be incredibly strong. The taste was very good indeed, but unfortunately, there were just 5 pieces of chicken given. 

Steamed Sandwich (刈包,Rm 7.80). The bun was being sliced into half and being stuffed with stew pork belly, fried egg, pickled vegetables and some peanut powder. The pork belly was rather small in size and the size of the bun was way too big, causing problems in trying to put everything in mouth at one shot. The taste was decent after-all.

Sze Chuan Wanton in Chili Oil (红油抄手, Rm 4.80) Again, these chili dumplings are very famous in Taiwan where you can get them easily in those night markets. I would say that the pricing for these 6 dumplings is quite cheap, I remembered I once had a bowl of these in Taiwan which cost me NTW 50, equivalent to Rm6. The size for the dumplings was just nice for us to have one each time. The chili was rather spicy but its perfectly okay for those who adore spicy food. Some drizzles of vinegar would have just upgraded the flavor to another stage. Recommended for those who love spicy food.

Taste: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Parking: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Government Tax: No
Service Charge: Yes (5%)

Additional Information:
Address: No. 2, Jalan Krian (8-Row), 10400, Penang, Malaysia. (right beside Gia Xiang Chong Qing Steamboat)
Business Hour: 11:00am - 3:00pm; 5:00pm - 9:30pm; Closed on Monday.
Contact Number: 017- 407 8633
Email: oldstreettaiwanesedelicacies@hotmail.com

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