Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tutti Fruitti Restaurant @ Tesco Extra Sungai Dua, Penang.

If you have walked pass or shopped in Tesco Extra Penang previously before, you would have noticed this restaurant right beside the main entrance of Tesco Extra Sg. Dua. The name of Tutti Fruitti might be a bit confusing to you, having a similar name to the Tutti Fruitti that sells yogurt, however, the Tutti Fruitti here doesn't even sell yogurt, in fact, it offers a wide range of fusion food, from western to local/chinese. I used to visit this restaurant back to 2 years ago since my college was just 10-mins drive away, I find their set lunch are quite worth the money considering the portion and the price. The set lunch comes with a fruit juice, a bowl of soup and a main course. I shall introduce the set lunch first.

The fruit juice of the day, chocolate banana. It comes with the set lunch. The sweetness for the drink was nice and suit to my preferences although the drink was quite thick and the flavor was quite strong.

Mushroom that comes with the set lunch. The soup was a bit watery and I would prefer it to be a thicker one instead. Other than that, its decent.

Black Pepper Chicken Spaghetti Set (Rm 13.90). Although the set was named as black pepper chicken spaghetti, but the amount of chicken used was really too few, in fact, a lot of mushrooms and onions can be found. The spaghetti was perfectly cooked where they maintained the spongy texture. However, I would prefer that they mix up the sauce together first, as in stir fry the spaghetti first so that the sauce get to sort of like mixed up or fused with the spaghetti.

Chicken Ham Spaghetti Set (Rm 14.90), the was one of my favorite dishes. Stir fried with tomato sauce, the spaghetti comes in a very big portion and topped with a lot of chicken ham slices. As from what you can see from the pictures, the spaghetti will be topped with quite an amount of herbs too, those herbs just add some extra flavors to the spaghetti, love those herbs. Additional cheese powder will be provided too.

Chicken Rice Set (Rm 12.90). The set comes with a huge chicken thigh, a bowl of flavored rice, some salad and half cut egg. The rice was very tender and the chicken was perfectly cooked where it maintained its juiciness. The flavor of the sauce was something similar to those sauce that goes with usual chicken rice.

 Black Pepper Chicken (Rm 13.80) It does not come in a set of drinks and soup. The portion was just okay as the chicken was a bit small from what I expected. The sauce, other wise, was okay. The chicken was quite tender and juicy too.Everything was good, just that I would prefer a larger serving.

Sweet And Sour Fish Rice (Rm 7.90) It was scorching hot the moment this rice was served. The portion was okay and the texture of the fish was okay too. This set was overall, decent. However, due to enormous amount of sauce has been added, you might want to dig the rice out quickly as you do not want to soak them for too long and end up affect the texture.

Jade Ice Noodles (中华冷面, Rm 8.90) This was actually to be meant to serve in cold. The noodles have a very smooth and spongy texture, a lot of sliced vegetables will be added, together with a small amount of crab sticks and sausages. Served with a sour-ish kind of sauce, a small spoonful of mustard will be provided too. It tasted like the cold ramen with wasabi in Japanese style. This dish is on my must-try list. Highly recommended.

Strawberry Yogurt Drink (Rm 6.50). The yogurt drink was topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and poured with some strawberry syrup. According to my friend, the yogurt drink was just perfect, not too sweet nor its too sour as from the sugar syrup, I would expect this to be something very sweet but surprisingly it was not. The scoop of vanilla ice cream actually enhanced the flavor of the yogurt drink.

Price: 8.5/10
Taste: 8.5/10
Service: 7/10
Parking: 9/10
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No

Additional Information:
Address: L1-01, Tesco Extra, Sungai Dua, 11700 Penang.
Business Hours: 9.30am - 10.30pm daily, last order at 10pm
Phone Number: 04- 656 8861


  1. price reasonable as parking inside tesco is FOC.chicken rice taste sweet but in small portion...nice match brown rice with the roasted chicken.

  2. The chicken rice set was still decent in terms of portion(considering the price and it comes in a set), where the portion was really too small for the black pepper chicken chop, it doesnt come with mushroom soup nor drinks...And yea, i agreed with you that overall the price is reasonable and the food was decent, i actually adore the cold noodles pretty much. =)

  3. Beautiful photos. It's blog posts like this that make me wish I could crawl into the monitor and take a sniff

  4. As for the Strawberry Yogurt Drink, that is my favorite drink. And just to correct it, It is not vanilla ice cream but strawberry ice cream pour on with yogurt and some strawberry syrup.
    I miss this place so much. The drunken chicken rice and the ice noodle is a must try. The fresh fruit juice and just so perfectly combined.

  5. Ah yes, thanks for correcting my mistakes, this post was posted quite long ago, do visit and support my recent blog posts, thanks ! =D