Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Buffet Brunch @ Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort And Spa, Batu Ferringhi Penang

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In conjunction with Malaysia's 54th National Day, Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort has a buffet brunch promotion on every Sunday (for the month of August), with a promotional price of Rm80++ (normal price Rm 94++). Additionally, its also a buy one free one promotion, where one paying adult, you are entitled to have one of your friends or family dine in for free ! In collaboration with Gourmet Garden, they are organizing a contest for  food bloggers where there will be a total number of 24 food bloggers (6 bloggers a week) being invited throughout the month of August. And I feel very honored to be invited by them as one of the lucky six.

A very cozy and relaxing environment for dining. The restaurant is capable of having around 250 diners at the same time.

With more than 100 varieties of food being divided in 7 booths, one can satisfy his/her appetite with different kinds of cuisines. The 7 booths were about appetizer (salad bar included), Indian cuisine, Western Food, Japanese, Chinese cuisine, desserts and beverages.

Upon entering the main entrance of Spice Garden (the name of the restaurant), you will be greeted by some demonstrations on some spices and curry powders. You may purchase the spices as souvenir too if you wish too.

An old-school form of ice kacang machine (ice shaver) was being set up near the entrance too. Not only the ice shaver itself, under the table, there were plenty of antiques (those cooking tools used decades ago) too.

Whenever it comes to appetizer, salad is always in our mind. Quite a number of dressings were provided along with some fresh vegetables. However, my main focus wasn't onto this, it was these instead.......

Yup, you got me right, SEAFOOD !!! Those fresh and mouth-watering seafood were nicely presented, oh, there was an ice carving design beside too.

Yabbies, some sort of clay fish, tasted like prawns but the shell was much tougher to handle and the meat has a more chewy texture too compared to prawns.

The mussels come in a very gigantic size, a few drops of lemon juice will do the trick and it brings out the flavor of the mussels too.

Need not to introduce much, I am pretty sure everyone should be familiar with this, fresh scallops. 

Last but not least, prawns. Just look at their color, a picture speaks a thousand words. Fresh, simple and good.

Next, to my favorite food - sushi and Makizushi (rolled sushi). There were only 3 selections for sushi; prawns, tuna and salmon. The salmon was very fresh and perfectly sliced and be placed on the vinegar rice. As for the Makizushi, the usual crab stick, cucumber were there, also, some specially made Makizushi topped with prawn roe were served too.

While i was fully concentrating on my photos, I was shocked to hear a very loud sound coming from the Chinese cuisine booth. It caught my attention and I quickly rushed to the booth, what i saw was a chef trying to make ramen (as in noodles being pulled and hand-made). As he noticed my presence, he proudly demonstrated his skills to me, luckily I was able to capture it fast enough.

Various kinds of ingredients were able to be picked and to be included in your ramen. The chef will cook on behalf of you. There were a few types of soup for you to choose too.

Some selections of Chinese cuisine. My apology for not able to fit in all photos as there were too many of them and the time was too limited. Customers started to rush in after a while. So they have some fried rice, chicken lor bak (marinated minced chicken, they do not serve pork), stir fried black pepper beef, braised chicken. Some of the appetizers were also included in this collage.

If you've paid attention to my previous photo (collage), you would have noticed there were some cheese provided too. So do the fluffy and fragrant breads, fruit jams were also given to go with the bread.

Since its a brunch (breakfast + lunch) buffet, breakfast cereals were provided too, with many kinds of toppings to go with.

Satay (barbecue chicken skewers) were served in the Indian booth, together with the Tandoori chicken (grilled chicken with special sauce). The satay was one of the best I have ever had, big chunks of chicken meat grilled to perfect, together with the nicely made satay sauce.

Some Indian bread with curry. The texture of the bread somehow looks like chapati (Indian flat bread) to me.

3 perfectly grilled chicken were spotted in the Western Food booth, there will be a chef slicing the chicken for you, so no worries on that. The chef was very polite too, he greeted me when I approached to his booth for photo-shooting. 

Right beside the grilled chicken, you will find some pasta, nicely presented in a cup, those were macaroni in cheese.

A perfect breakfast requires a cup of fresh fruit juice, no ? Taking that into considerations, Spice Garden provides his customers with 4 types of fresh fruit juices, namely guava juice, apple juice, grapefruit and orange juice. Personally, I adore the grapefruit juice the most as its uncommon, sweet and sour, good for your health too.

An overview of the dessert booth, yes, its square in design. Just try to imagine how many types of desserts were served.

A compilation of those desserts. Chocolate fountain was one of them that caught my attention. Dried apricots, marshmallows and some nuts were available for you to dip into the chocolate fountain.

Aside from that, cotton candy was available too ! It reminds me of my childhood, licking this in supermarket.

If you would prefer something more realistic, they have some real candies for you and your children too. 

While we were having our meal, we were entertained by a clown too, he has also twisted some balloons for us and gave us some riddles to play with. Upon request, he also sang a birthday song to the table next to us too.

We were briefed and given some information about the restaurant and how they operate the restaurant by 3 of the main chefs in Rasa Sayang Resort too. They were very helpful and not shy nor greedy in providing us information that we need. We were also told by them how they disciplined the kitchen helpers and doing quality control on the food. Million thanks to them.

Do try out their Sunday buffet brunch as they are having promotion (buy one free one) in the month of August. On top of that, part their menu will be changed weekly (you wont be having the same menu for 2 continuous weeks), also, wifi service is available at every corner of Rasa Sayang Resort, so you can bring your laptop and enjoy your whole afternoon. Last but not least, I would love to thank Gourmet Garden and Rasa Sayang Resort for the scrumptious meal and giving me the opportunity to blog about it.

Additional Information:
Address: Batu Ferringhi Beach, 11100, Penang. 
Phone Number: 04- 888 8888, food and beverage center, EXT. 6430
Sunday Buffet Brunch Available Time: 12pm - 3pm


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