Sunday, May 15, 2011

Xin He Ping Hawker Center @ Farlim/Paya Terubong

Penang islanders craving for Raja Uda tom yum? Well, here's a quite similar one where you can actually add those ingredients such as fish balls, fish cutlets, squids, prawns etc; just like the one in Raja Uda although the taste in Raja Uda still prevails but you just don have to travel all the way long to Raja Uda just for a bowl of tom yum.... There are other quite worth of mentioning stuff around in this hawker center as well, namely the pork soup with yam rice which we can rarely find a good one here in penang island again (famous one in Bukit Mertajam) and some very unique satay. Into the hawker center itself, if you are a regular customer in shopping or dining around the "pasar malam" or night market in Farlim area, you shouldn't be too unfamiliar with this hawker center as it will normally be loaded with people during that day.

As described earlier, customers can feel free to add any ingredients they preferred into their tom yum, the price should be fair, they do have some pork organs too if you adore them. The tom yum soup will be nicer if you can add more seafood into it, some peppermint leaves and chopped onions will then be added as garnish. Fish ball lovers can add as many fish balls as you like as there are quite some choices for you to choose from.

Aside from tom yum, clear soup version is also recommended. In fact, i would prefer this one compared to tom yum unless you are a big fan of tom yum. The soup is actually sweeter than the tom yum but seafood are definitely recommended to add in to increase the flavour. Price depends on the ingredients you added. The two bowls above cost me RM 15 (fish head bee hoon and tom yum, just roughly an idea for you).

Pork soup (bitter gourd) with yam rice (RM 5.80 for whole set), its actually quite rare to find this combination around and its ever harder to find a better one. There's a famous one in Bukit Mertajam actually, but i shall pass on it. So the yam rice was rather tender and its full of the fragrance of the yam. The pork soup was sweet and the bitter gourd was there to add some extra flavour into the soup making it unique and special.

These satay "grilled skewers" are superb here (RM6.40-based on what are your orders), its really special and unique as in its pretty rare to find satay outlets that provide toasted breads to go with the satay sauce. Its seriously a brilliant idea, for some reasons, its not a simple toasted bread. They spread some butter on it before they actually toast it. So you can roughly imagine how strong is the flavour together with the satay sauce. They do offer plenty of flavours for the satay too, a wide range of meat as well. However, its still the best picking the ordinary ones as satay should not be too fancy, its about the sauce.

Additionally, you can opt for some lighter snacks like this, stuffed bean curd or fish balls. Well you know what its called. This portion is RM3. There is actually a better stall inside the night market but oh well....i guess this was not too shabby as well. There are plenty of them even though with just Rm3. Ask for yourself if you preferred some particular ones.

Sorry for the poor quality as the parking in this place is horrible. Was quite rush. So basically you will spot this hawker center easily if you turned into the road as there will be tonnes of cars parking in front of it. The satay, fish head bee hoon and pork soup are all recommended. Give them a try :).

Additional Information:
Business Hour: 5.30pm - 11.30pm, they off for  two days every month, it all depends on the shop itself.
Location: Lintang Angsana (beside the field of night market in farlim, behind the shop houses which have KFC and pizza hut, spot for Anaku baby products shop and turn inside, its located the end of the road)

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