Thursday, March 3, 2011

Koay Teow Th'ng@Sg. Nibong

Theres this famous koay teow th'ng in Sg Nibong, near pesta penang, this coffee house is situated opposite kwong wah primary school, alot of cars will be spotted during breakfast and lunch hours. Other than koay teow th'ng, the yong tau fu in there is pretty impressive as well, i used to visit this stall of yong tau fu when i was small, surely is 1 of the best in penang.
The soup base is very very sweet and tasty, might be due to the enormous amount of meat used in cooking the stock/soup. Alot of minced pork will be added to the soup as well after u have placed ur order. A half boiled egg will then be added as well, the fragrance of the egg yolk will bring the whole bowl of noodle to a whole new level. Indeed, minced pork and egg yolk are the best combination in a bowl koay teow th'ng.
The pan mee over here is rather not bad, so i think its worth for me to blog about it, the noodles are rather chewy, the sauce works best together with the noodles, not to forget the crispyly deep fried ikan bilis and the green leafty vegetables. A very good sambal is needed too to complete a bowl of decent pan mee, this stall has it all. The texture of the noodles were kept to perfect and the ikan bilis was pretty crispy, not too shabby.
Yong tau fu. They were freshly made, the fish paste was very chewy and sweet, u can even taste it urself. The prawn dumplings were simply superb. The prawns inside were very very sweet and spongy, the pastry itself is very easy to chew, texture was just nice, not too hard nor soft. They are the best when they are dip into the sauce which consists of a chili sauce and a sweet sauce.

This place is loaded with ppl and seats are very very hard to find during weekends, it is best to visit this coffee shop during weekdays afternoon. The pan-fried buns in this coffee shop are quite special and worth of trying too. Do try it out folks...

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