Sunday, February 13, 2011

Qing Tian Char Siew @ Georgetown Penang

If u passed by this busy and narrow chulia street on afternoon, esp on weekends, u will notice a long queue in front of a coffee hse selling this roasted pork rice (char siew), they are well known for their sweet and aromatic char siew, i don eat pork, bt they do offer chicken and duck...
There are two kinds of roasted pork, 1 with honey which is the sweeter version(red colour) and the other 1 being the salty version(white and brown colour) and they have a crispy texture compared to the honey version. They are famous of their char siew(red colour). I heard that the texture was perfect and the fragrance is irresistible. Works well with white rice.
Chicken and roasted duck. They were just okay if u ask me, nothing special worth of mentioning, the main character over here is the char siew above.

Green vegetables shouldnt be missed when u are eating a full table of meats right ? They just made the vegetables in a pretty simple way, boiled with some stock and served them with soya sauce. It was a brilliant idea coz the vegetables absorbed the natural sweetness of the chicken/pork stock or watever.
The whole set of rice comes with a bowl of soup too, its some kinda vegetable soup that have some sorta pork inside.

This is the sauce they offered in going together with the meats and the rice, its kinda starchy bt it has a very strong flavour of meats and its very very good to go with rice.
I think im calling all of these together as a set. One shall not miss this set in penang, i think its 1 of the best in penang. As you can see, the stall is loaded with ppl, u need to wait for at least 40 mins for ur food to be served. I think it has a pretty long history too, Highly recommended. The price was okay too, there were 6 of us and each of us had to pay rm8 only.

Taste: 9/10
Price: 8/10
Parking: 4/10
Services: Bad
Government Tax: No
Service Charge: No

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