Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Interesting food in Pulau Tikus market

Hi guys, yes, ken is back with his food posts, but WHY? coz i found myself a new toy to play with XD.....So apparently Chinese New Year is around the corner, so my mom needs to stock up some stuff so we headed to this market and had our breakfast, i was told that theres a rather famous pan mee(some sort of home-made noodles) arnd there, so i've decided to check it out....
The famous pan mee is located inside this coffee shop known as kong bee lee, which is right behind the wet market of pulau tikus. This is the dried version of the pan mee, topped with some sambal paste and the noodles were mixed together with soya sauce, personally i prefer this one over the soup version coz i think the noodles taste better together with the soya sauce and sambal paste. The texture for everything is just perfect, especially the noodles, abit chewy and gooey.

This is the soup version of the pan mee available, the soup was rather sweet and smooth as compared to some other pan mee out there as they tend to mix those minced pork meat together with the soup while this stall cooked them separately.

Same as sambal paste, this combination of lime and chopped chilies is used to go with the soup version, simply a dip of the lime juice just enhance the flavour of the whole thing. I'd love to pour in some of them into the soup coz abit sourness in the soup tastes better and most importantly, it works together with the noodles. Another thing that worth mentioning is their hokkien mee(prawn noodle), from what i've heard, the stall owner used to go to singapore to perform and cook for some customers, the soup was pretty nice as the taste is so obvious that u can actually smell how many prawns they've used on the soup itself, other stuffs were just okay, but what makes a prawn noodle special is their soup right?
This is how the coffee shop looks like XD

This is one of the penang most famous pan cake stalls, at the junction of pulau tikus market, this stall owner had been interviewed by a local television program--Journey with Ah Xian on Astro AEC. If im nt mistaken, they are using charcoal to cook the pan cakes, needless to say, charcoal is the best.Highly recommended. =)
This is some kinda vegetarian crackers sold by an old lady....tastes abit salty and as crunchy as prawn crackers, it has lower calories compared to crackers as well(told by the old lady), you can make it as a tidbit too. Healthy yet tasty.
I think this is the best curry puff that i can find in penang, the fillings were just great, they even have chicken meat inside =), freshly made everyday, they were even frying some while we were buying, its abit spicy tho. There are actually alot of nice food like mee goreng, char koay teow and laksa around this pulau tikus market area but i just cant finish it by one day, maybe will update again next time. XD

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