Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dragon-I @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

Located at lvl 2 queensbay mall , dragon-i restaurant has attracted a lot of its loyal customers over the years , they are famous of its fine shang hai cuisine and their superb services , long queue will be spotted over the weekends and luckily we got our place into the restaurant today and below are some of our attempts :

Dine in the restaurant with a minimum of 4 ppl , u are entitle to get the chicken at only RM1(whole bird) , the texture of the chicken was rather smooth and the skins were just superb , check out the shiny layer of the chicken skin ,lol

Crispy eel in secret sauce(rm16) , was damn crispy but i feel like chewing potato chips ,lol , the flavour that supposed to be found in eel had disappeared >.<

Shang Hai meat dumpling(xiao long bao,rm9) , the dumplings were damn juicy , and they were served scorching hot ,highly recommended ^^
Seafood ramen (rm18) , the texture of the ramen was just so so but the soup was superb , the seafood were fresh too , worth of trying

Chicken and mushroom steam rice (rm15) , the rice was kinda soft but the portion was rather small (for me though) , and its a little tasteless to me , too few soya sauce or salt perhaps =P
Seafood fried rice (rm16) , texture was awesome , seafood were fresh and the portion was kinda big , but i was expecting all of these since the price is kinda exp for a plate of fried rice x.X
Some oily braised pork(rm23) lol , works together with the small bun up there , no idea how it tastes like but i can tell that its kinda oily
Some ice blended mango desert(rm10) , was pretty refreshing and it isnt as sweet as u think , definitely worth of trying , but rm10 for an ice blended thingy is fatal T.T
The peanuts served before the arrival of ur orders , this small plate of cute peanuts will cost u rm 2....... X.X

There will be 5% govt tax and 10% service charge added to ur bill so do take note =)

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