Sunday, March 28, 2010

Le Dynasty Dim Sum Restaurant @ Farlim, Penang

Hi ya folks , its been a really long time since my previous food post , been busying with my coll stuff , so this is a new dim sum outlet in farlim (right beside the new wing of sunshine farlim) and i think they just started their business 1 month ago or so , so its rather new , the dim sum we attempted were :

Prawn dumpling , by bitting into the prawns , u will know that they were damn fresh (crunchy texture)

Deep fried fishballs , taste was pretty decent , not too shabby XD

Steam Fishballs , i prefer this than the fried ones , the taste and texture is much better compared to the fried ones

Deep fried shrimp cake , same as above , the shrimps were fresh and deep frying the shrimp cake creates a very crispy texture , thumbs up =)

Another type of prawn dumpling

Chee Cheong Fun (Hong Kong style).....the soya sauce that comes with the chee cheong fun was damn tasty , it lights up the whole dish ^^
Steam pork belly , no idea how it tastes as i don take pork >.<

Le Dynasty is located in farlim , beside sunshine farlim supermarket , the price for those food was rather economical and the place was damn clean and neat , all tables and chairs were new , highly recommended for dim sum maniac ^^

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