Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pacific West- Creative and Convenient Kitchen Saver

A proud, home-grown Penang brand- Pacific West, has made it big to the international market and it is currently one of the leading providers for premium seafood products. Pacific West has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional quality and innovation since 1995 and now, the brand has strong presence in over 25 countries, serving consumers across retail food chains and food services sector worldwide. While they remain focused in delivering premium quality products, Pacific West understands that it is essential to meet the raising demands of customers and hence, cultivating new innovative pathways (such as introducing plant-based products). We were invited to a food tasting session organized by Pacific West to savor on some of their proud creations as well as some innovative dishes. 

Many Thanks to Pacific West for hosting us. 

Bao Buns:
 Tempura Fish Cocktails with Tokyo style Wakame Salad and Chili Ginger Sauce
Crunchy Spiced Squid with Red Cabbage and Scallion Slaw served with Seoul spicy Mayonnaise
Crispy Breaded Torpedo Prawns with Maple and Apple Cider Louisiana Slaw served with Sriracha Minty Sauce

Couscous Kiss- Plant based Crispy Scallops on a pillow of roasted Vegetable Couscous

Neptune's Antipasti- Crispy Tempura Fish Cocktails served with creamy White Truffle Aioli and grana Padano melt

Neo Takoyaki- Chunky Salt and Pepper Squid with sweet, tangy Okonomi Mayonnaise, chopped Spring Onions and Bonito Flakes

"Cajun Fish" and Chips- Plant based Fish Fillets with Cajun spiced Potato Wedges, Sweet Corn Succotash and Santorini style fresh herbs yogurt dip

Maki Sushi Rolls:
Crispy Tempura Calamari Rolls with Takuan and Spicy Mayo
Inside Out Tempura Prawn Roll with Cream Cheese and Cucumber
Plant based Crispy Fishless Fingers Roll with Red Togarashi, roasted Black Sesame sauce and pickled Carrot swirls

We were shown some of the creative dishes proudly crafted by Chef Ronen and Chef Leong (from Pacific West) using Pacific West's products. We were amazed by the creativity and the versatility of the seafood products. The Bao Bun series is so simple but delicious, everyone is able to do it at home. It is inspired by the Taiwanese Gua Bao but instead of meat filling, it is changed to Pacific West's products. We particularly enjoyed the Tempura Fish, served with various condiments- easy to prepare but presentable... be it at any festive parties or even casual finger food. Couscous Kiss is another good idea for those who practice plant-based diet. The plant-based Scallop is good in both texture and flavor, paired perfectly well with the fluffy Couscous. You can also impress your guests by preparing Neo Takoyaki- simply fry up some Pacific West Squid and serve them with Okonomi sauce, Mayonnaise, Bonito Flakes and some Spring Onions... straight-forward and delicious. There are many possible combinations for Sushi Maki Rolls too, try to be bold with your creativity.

Chef Ronen (left) and Chef Leong (right) showcasing the dishes

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