Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Sia Boey Dim Sum Restaurant 社尾茶楼 @ Lot33, Prangin Mall, Penang.

A new spot for late risers to enjoy Dim Sum in a comfortable setting- Sia Boey Dim Sum Restaurant 社尾茶楼 is a new comer at the Lot33 space in Prangin Mall. Interestingly, the Dim Sum restaurant is manned by a team of Chinese Lion Dancers, so most of the servers are dressed in Chinese Lion Dance outfits. There are also quite a number of "Chinese Lions" on display around the restaurant. The Dim Sum menu is fairly large, with most familiar traditional items included; there is also a main menu featuring noodle dishes (available after 11:30 am). With such comfortable setting (air-conditioned and in a mall), the price points are considerably low... though there are rooms for improvements in terms of food quality.

Prawn Siew Mai (Rm 5.80)/ Fish Siew Mai in Bean Curd Sheet (Rm 4.80)

Prawn Har Kaw (Rm 5.80)/ Bean Curd Tofu (Rm 3.80)

Loh Mai Kai/ Chicken with Glutinous Rice (Rm 5)

Deep Fried Prawn in Bean Curd Sheet (Rm 4.80)

Char Siew Bao (Rm 5.80)

Not all Dim Sum dishes were served to us hot, some were just warm. We did not like the Har Kaw to be served with some Shallot Oil, we thought the Shallot Oil overpowered the entire dish and all we could taste was the Shallot flavor. The Bean Curd Tofu was something like Yong Tofu but the exterior of the Bean Curd Tofu was hard and a tad too chewy to our liking. The flavor combo was not too shabby either. Loh Mai Kai was not too good either, the texture was overly mushy/ soft to our liking. Other Dim Sum dishes were okay-alright but definitely nothing to shout about... except for the dining atmosphere and affordable price points. 

Taste: 6.5/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Service: 7/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Price: 7.5/10 (1-3 expensive 4-7 average, 8-10 cheap)
Parking: 7/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Ambiance: 7.5/10 (1-3 bad, 4-7 average, 8-10 good)
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No

Business Hours: 10 am to 4 pm. Closed on Wednesdays.
Contact Number: 6018- 461 8330

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