Sunday, September 20, 2020

New S.O.S (Sensasi Ohsem Smokey) BBQ Menu By Marrybrown

Best known for their Crispy Chicken, Marrybrown- Malaysia's largest homegrown Halal fast-food chain is taking a step further to introduce their new, delicious Sensasi Ohsem Smokey (S.O.S) BBQ Meals. The new series is set to impress and satisfy the taste buds of millions of Malaysians; the sensational S.O.S BBQ Meals are available in 3 different ways- juicy, succulent S.O.S BBQ Burger combo meal or S.O.S BBQ Drumette combo meal (both deliciously paired with a generous serving of crispy, addictive Potato Wedges and Onion Rings) or have a taste of all elements in the S.O.S BBQ Box (a combination of the S.O.S BBQ Burger, S.O.S BBQ Drumette and the well-loved Marrybrown Crispy Chicken as well as Potato Wedges). The real draw of the S.O.S BBQ series is its specially concocted sauce, which carries a perfect balance of sweetness and smokiness, without overpowering the meat. The Marrybrown S.O.S (Sensasi Ohsem Smokey) BBQ meals are now available at all Marrybrown Malaysia outlets for dine-in, takeaway and delivery- promotion until 5 October 2020!

Many Thanks to Marrybrown for hosting us.

S.O.S BBQ Box (RM 23.90 with SST)

S.O.S BBQ Burger Combo (RM 16.90 with SST)

S.O.S BBQ Drumette (RM 17.90 with SST)

Priced from RM 16.90 (after SST), all combo meals are served with a cup of Coca-Cola. The S.O.S BBQ Burger is one item that should not be missed for this promotion, the decadent barbecue sauce is specially concocted and integrated in the charcoal Bun to impart a delightful sweet, smoky taste to the burger; it should also leave a hint of spice when indulged. The burger patty is a thick slab of Marrybrown's signature boneless juicy Chicken Thigh seasoned and hand-breaded with a spicy blend of Peppers, so you can imagine the tender and succulent meat well-coated with the slightly savoury, sweet sauce. Likewise, the S.O.S BBQ Drumette shares the same sauce- crispy Fried Drumette beautifully coated in the S.O.S BBQ sauce would yield satisfaction to both palates and eyes. 

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