Monday, June 22, 2020

Marrybrown Malaysia Introduces Egg-Stra Padu Salted Egg Meals

Salty, sweet, creamy-rich with a gentle chili heat and insanely addictive, the Salted Egg Yolk sauce has become one of Malaysian's favorite sauces to go with basically anything. Marrybrown Malaysia has taken the lovely Asian sauce further... combining with its signature Crispy Chicken. In the latest menu- Egg-Stra Padu Salted Egg Meals promotion... features 2 different highlights: Burger and Marrybrown Crispy Chicken covered in luscious, creamy real Salted Egg sauce. Priced from RM 15, Marrybrown fans have the option to devour juicy, decadent Salted Egg Burger or sate their crispy Chicken cravings with the Salted Egg Ayam meal... served over heart-warming Salted Egg sauce. The Marrybrown's Egg-Stra Padu Salted Egg Meals promotion is expected to run until 12 July 2020. 

Many Thanks to Marrybrown for hosting us.

Salted Egg Chicken Combo (Priced from RM 15.90 for 2 pcs/ RM 18.80 for 3 pcs)

Salted Egg Burger Combo (Priced from RM 15.00)

Marrybrown's Salted Egg sauce has a savory-sweet, satisfyingly creamy texture brimming with nuanced fragrance of Curry Leaves and packed with a gentle Chili punch. The Burgers will see juicy, tender Chicken patty drizzled with the Salted Egg sauce sandwiched between 2 soft, fluffy Burger buns... with some crunchy Lettuce. The Burger Combo is deliciously paired with French Fries. The Salted Egg Chicken Combo on the other hand, has either 2 pieces or 3 pieces of crispy, succulent Fried Chicken (depending on your order) doused with a generous helping of Salted Egg sauce... served with creamy Mashed Potatoes and refreshing Vegetable Salad. Both Combo Meals are to come with ( a refreshing cup of Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon Tea.

The Marrybrown Egg-Stra Padu Salted Egg Meals are now available at all Marrybrown Malaysia outlets for dine-in, takeway and delivery- promotion until 12 July 2020!

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