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[Flight Review] Experience the Swiss Hospitality with SWISS International Airlines

Serving over 100 destinations worldwide, starting from Zurich (Switzerland), SWISS International Airlines is the national carrier of Switzerland (part of the Lufthansa group). Representing Switzerland (the company is using the national flag as its logo), SWISS embodies traditional Swiss values and top-notch service quality. On my recent trip to Switzerland, the airline brought me back and forth directly from Singapore to Zurich. For such a long haul flight, SWISS flies the Boeing B777-300 ER with 3-4-3 configuration in economy and 2-2-1 or 1-2-2 configuration in business class.

Many Thanks to SWISS Airlines and Switzerland Tourism for inviting us to the Switzerland Influencer Summit 2019

Singapore to Zurich (Economy Class):

My journey began from Penang which I flew SilkAir (subsidiary of Singapore Airlines) and transit in Changi Airport (Singapore Airlines is a partner airline of SWISS). The flight time was perfect as the flight departed from Singapore at 11;30 pm in the evening and arrive Zurich the next morning at 6:10 am. We could literally max out the travel time.

I was flying economy on this trip to Zurich. The aircraft felt quite spacious with the overhead compartments being nicely stored away. The legroom was alright, leaving me with a little space but comfortable enough to recline my seat and enjoy the flight throughout the journey. The headrest was at the right height either but of course, it does come with adjustable function. It was a long-haul flight with more 13 flight hours, so there were 2 meals served- light supper and simple breakfast.

Braised Beef with Thyme Jus, Mashed Potatoes, Sauteed Broccoli and Carrots

Omelette, Bacon, Potato Wedges, Bread Roll, Butter, Jam, Yoghurt and fresh Fruit Salad

The light supper options were braised Beef with Mashed Potatoes and Spinach Ravioli with Tomato and Basil sauce... I had the former choice. Given that the flight was flying above 20,000 feet, the food was still good (probably I was starved). Shortly after the supper, the light was dimmed. While obviously I could not sleep after a meal, I decided to play with the in-flight entertainment. The in-flight system featured quite an amount of movies and shows, more than sufficient for me to kill some time (there were not many Chinese movies if you must know).

Screen Display

Drinks and Snacks Counter

On a special note, there was a corner with snacks and drinks displayed at the end of the cabin (for economy class).  There were plenty of candies, the signature SWISS Airlines chocolates, fruits, snacks and drinks available for passengers... free of charge. This added a very nice touch to the overall experience. 

Zurich to Singapore (Business Class):

The flight from Zurich back to Singapore departed at 10:45 pm and that gave me a full day to explore the city. Since I was travelling on business class, the package came with complimentary access to its Business Class Lounge at Zurich International Airport. There are quite a few SWISS Lounges in different terminals. The one I visited was at Terminal E and accordingly, it's also the largest with the best view and offerings. 


352 m² Terrace overlooking airport runway

Dining Area

Resting Area

Working Space

Liquors and Wines

Various Beers, Fruit Juices and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Still and Sparkling Water

Coffee Machine

Tea Bags

Food Counter- Seafood Risotto and Mixed Vegetables

Meat Balls and Mashed Potatoes

Fruits and Dessert Counter

Starters and Appetizers Counter

My conglomeration from the food counter

Unlimited supplies of Movenpick Ice Cream

The SWISS Lounge at Terminal E offers guests spectacular views on the airport runway; guests can choose to rest at the terrace (subject to weather condition), a quiet resting area, the usual lounge or the dining area. I was spoilt for choices at the SWISS Lounge... with so many Wines and food options available. There is a live cooking counter if you must know. I was also delighted to find out that guests can enjoy unlimited supplies of Movenpick Ice Cream... a local Swiss brand Ice Cream famous for its natural, creamy sweet treats. After treating myself with some food and Ice Cream, I moved to the mini-suites like working space to get some work done and before I knew it, it was time for boarding.

The business class cabin has a total of 52 seats, spread across 11 rows with staggered configuration. There are 2 different types of seats- the pair seats and throne seats. The former one has slightly less personal space with 2 passengers sitting next to each other. The throne seats are single-seats and one must possess certain status/ ranking in the Miles and More or pay an additional fee to for these seats.

The compartments were spacious and I was able to store my stuff nicely yet, leaving myself with plenty of space to enjoy the long-haul flight.

All business class passengers are given a Victorinox amenity kit and each contains a toothbrush with toothpaste, socks, earplugs, lip balm and eye shades. 

Shortly after all the passengers were settled down, pre-departure beverages were served with a choice of juice or Champagne. It was a no-brainer for me.

The next thing that caught my attention was the huge screen right in front of the seat with plenty of selection. Further to the enjoyment, noise-cancelling headphones were also given to the passengers. The headphones were at their best... I literally put them on for the entire journey and was not disturbed by unwanted noises in the cabin.

The business class toilet offered guests with some Face Spray, refreshing Tissue and Body Lotion.... a refreshing touch for my dry skin on board.

[First Course] Smoked Balik Salmon Tartare with Horseradish Cream Forel Goat's Cheese and Beetroot

[Main Course] Beef Tenderloin with Wild Garlic Crust, Chimichurri Jus Potato Puree, Mediterranean Vegetables and Cherry Tomatoes

[Dessert] Apricot and Vanilla Slice with Pistachio Sponge and Raspberry Coulis

The supper main course menu featured Beef Tenderloin, Potato Gratin and South Indian Coconut Noodles but I wanted to try their Beef so I had the Beef Tenderloin with Wild Garlic Crust, Chimichurri Jus Potato Puree, Mediterranean Vegetables and Cherry Tomatoes. I was not expecting much for that altitude and constraint space but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Beef Tenderloin was most delicious. It was very tender and flavorful, almost like those being served in standard restaurant. The Starters and Dessert were equally amazing either, a meal fits for a King but unfortunately, I did not enough stomach space to tuck them in... plus, it was almost 2 am the time the supper was served. 

[Breakfast] Orange Juice + Brioche Tressee + Fruit Fruits + Bicher Muesli + Swiss Breakfast

Shortly after supper, I had my seat turned into a bed and had a restful night. As soon as I woke up from sleep, the breakfast was served. The breakfast menu featured a number of options; the cabin crew handed the menu to us at the beginning and we were asked to choose our breakfast items. There was an option as to whether the cabin crew should wake us up for breakfast too. I picked a few and was very happy with all of them... the Bicher Muesli was exceptionally tasty. 

Special Thanks to SWISS Airlines for the warm welcome on board


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