Monday, June 3, 2019

Charcoal House @ Victoria Street, Georgetown, Penang.

Tom Yum with a booze at the same time? While it certainly does not sound like a good match, this new kid on the block nails it perfectly. Housed in a heritage house along Victoria Street at central Georgetown, Charcoal House gives so much wrong impressions to random passerby. The name is not linked to the interior nor the menu- there is no grills on the menu; step in the place and you will find yourself in a well-spaced bar setting with wood finishing on the ceiling. The interior decor resembles the same tranquility and comfortness, with a sense of sophistication. It is noteworthy that the place adopts non-smoking policy so need not worry on the unpleasant cigarette smoke smell. While Charcoal House has a big drink menu, a Thai Chef is hired to add a little spice to the food menu. The food menu is not big but carries an array of carefully selected Thai dishes at pocket-friendly price tags.

Many Thanks to Charcoal House for hosting us that evening.

Miang Kham- Betel Leaf Wrap (Rm 18.90)

Moo Ping- Thai-styled Pork Skewer (Rm 10.90)

Lime and Garlic Kappa (Rm 25.90)

Pla Kapong Sam Road- Sweet, Sour and Spicy Fried Fish (rm 34.90)

Thai-styled Pork Leg (Rm 34.90)

Tom Yum Seafood (Rm 19.90)

Phat Phet Squid (Rm 12.90)

Yam Mix (Rm 26.90)

Start off light or enjoy it as a bar snack, the Miang Kham is perfect for sharing. The classic Thai appetizer would work well with any drink in the bar. Spice up the palate with Lime and Garlic Kappa and Tom Yum Seafood but don't look down on them as both can be fiery hot for some. The former dish carries a powerful punch with a generous amount of Garlic and chopped Chilies. The right amount of acidity does its magic here... it's the type of authentic, flavorful Thai dishes that you are looking for. Likewise, the Tom Yum Seafood is another must-have. The soup is brilliantly curated with flavors that most Penangites would love- a balanced medley of sour, sweet, saltiness and spiciness in a bowl of scorching red Thai soup.

For sharing, the Pla Kapong Sam Road is a huge dish with deep fried Seabass served with sweet and spicy sauce... as well as heaps of crunchy vegetables like Cucumber, Onions and Chilies. It does not sound very Thai but the flavors were well-balanced and perfectly spooned over rice. Equally delicious is Phat Phet Squid... expertly cooked Squid in Phat Phet sauce, a concoction of fresh Herbs and Chilies that would give you an explosion of flavors. If you are a meat-lover, give the Thai-styled Pork Leg a try... crackling, crisp Pork Leg served with spicy-sweet Thai sauce would add a lot of joy to your boozy evening.

To be honest, we thought the food quality is more superior than many Thai food joints in town and you should really give it a try.

Additional Information:
Service Charge: No
Government Tax: No
Business Hours: 5 pm to 1 am (kitchen closes at 11:30 pm). Closed on Tuesdays.
Contact Number: 6018- 972 2105

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